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August 30, 2011

Ryan Holt - Director of Student Programs

Ryan Holt

Summer is gone and September is almost here. The sidewalks and hallways that were quiet three weeks ago are now filling with students. Whether the students are new to campus or upperclassmen, they have the unique opportunity to build on what they have begun, try something new and a chance to carve a path for the year ahead. As a person closely involved in helping students transition into college life, I share these thoughts with you as you guide your student through this new academic year.

Throughout my five years at Geneva, I have seen hundreds of students walk up the steps, shake the president′s hand and walk back down with a degree in hand. Although all of these graduates have reached a significant academic achievement, some are grasping much more than a degree. Some are walking down the steps having taken advantage of all that Geneva has to offer-an education full of experiences that shape, mold and push them to be all that God has called them to be.

How can you help guide your child to not only get the degree, but also to gain enrichment through all that Geneva has to offer? After you have asked about how he or she is doing and how classes are going, here are two suggested follow-up questions to ask during your next phone conversation:

1). Are you going to Cokes and Connections?

A community-wide fair, Cokes and Connections includes representatives from student clubs and organizations, local churches, and local ministries. On September 16 on the pedestrian plaza, students will have the opportunity to get plugged into on-campus and off-campus life. One of the most defining out-of-class experiences students typically have is their connection to a club, ministry or church. Please encourage your child to attend and get plugged in early as they create an avenue for service, accountability, relationship building and leadership development.

2). Which activities or events did you attend outside of your classes this week?

As research reveals, students engaged both in and out of the classroom learn more at college, so this will help gauge how involved your student is on campus. The Student Development department works tirelessly to create events and opportunities for students to grow outside of the classroom. The whole aim is to broaden the great work that is already happening in the classroom. Here are some suggested ways for them to get involved:

Later in the year, students will have the opportunity to sign up for fall break adventure trips, spring break Quest trips and to learn more about studying abroad for a semester.

College is all about learning and most of us envision this learning taking place in the classroom. At Geneva, truth-filled, transformational learning does take place in the classroom setting, but that is only a portion of what we offer. It is my hope that you will join us in leading your student towards receiving the full Geneva experience. Then, when your student reaches the big day, we can both sit and watch as they walk down the steps with a degree in hand, and an array of unforgettable experiences to go with it.

Upcoming Events:

October 1 - Homecoming
October 28 & 29 - Family Weekend

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From a student

"Geneva has set opportunities around me to actually use my hands to experience what I want to do in life."

Corey Fraction, human services major

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Cokes and Connections Cokes and Connections

Campus and community programs will host information booths on Friday, Sept. 16.

Live video streaming for athletics Live video streaming for athletics

Geneva has teamed up with Tourbeau Sports to provide live video streaming of nearly every home athletic event.

Alice in Wonderland auditions Alice in Wonderland auditions

The Theatre Department will hold auditions on Sept. 5 and 6.

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