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Commencement 2012

Geneva College will host its 163rd commencement celebration Saturday, May 5. As over 300 undergraduates and 200 adult and graduate school students walk across the stage, we will celebrate this significant accomplishment in their lives and praise God for His blessing. Reaching this milestone has taken an investment of their lives and resources, a milestone that only 27.5% of the nation′s adults have achieved at some level.1 Each of these students was supported by countless numbers of relatives, church family and other friends who provided encouragement along the way.

Serumun "SeSe" Ubwa will be graduating with a degree in communications. She writes, "To my church families at [Chippewa] Evangelical Free Church, you have been a great blessing to me!"

Senior Samantha Woloszyn writes, "I couldn′t have accomplished anything without my parents' support and guidance. They were always there for me even when I changed my career goals, literally five times." Thank you, parents and friends, for the support and encouragement that have helped these students reach their objective.

Professors and StudentsProfessors have also left a deep impression on this year′s graduating class. "Through Professor Russin′s teaching, I have been able to develop a strong base in accounting. She′s helped me to prepare for interviews and in my professional career," says graduating senior Jeff Kirkwood.

The importance of the care by faculty is shared by Samantha: "Dr. Essig opened up the field of research to me and showed me the more scholarly side of biology."

Relationships with faculty and classmates have been built and strengthened during these years at Geneva as recounted by Luke Brown. "What I′ve enjoyed most about Geneva is the friendships I′ve built and shared during my time here."

SeSe UbwaSeSe enjoyed learning the most, "I am constantly learning-inside the classroom, and out of it; with professors or staff, or students; about Jesus, worth ethic, spiritual living, academic faithfulness; about life!"

Commencement marks a beginning as all students start a new chapter in their lives. Jeff Kirkwood has been accepted to Temple University′s Fox School of Business this fall in order to pursue a Master′s of Accountancy. Like Jeff, Samantha will be attending graduate school in the fall. Using her degree in biology with a human concentration, Samantha is enrolled in a doctoral program in physical therapy at Arcadia University. Following summer at home in Nigeria, SeSe plans to return to the States to pursue a Master′s in Public Relations at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Luke was hired last fall in anticipation of receiving his degree in accounting, to begin work following graduation at an auditing firm in Pittsburgh.

This is only a small glimpse of the stories that are represented in this year′s graduating class. There are many stories from undergraduates to adult degree completion to graduate school students.

To the parents, SeSe says this, "Growing up, my parents always told me that to be successful as parents, they had to give me the two most important things-Jesus and the best education. Unarguably, they have succeeded." May God bless the parents of our graduates, for those still on the journey to graduation and may God richly bless the Geneva College Class of 2012 as they follow His calling for the next step of their journey.

- Dr. Ken Carson, Provost

Dr. Ken Carson

Dr. Ken Carson

Commencement is my favorite time at Geneva. However, I will be missing it this year. I have a daughter graduating from a different Christian college and their ceremony in the same day as ours. So, just as many of you are adjusting your schedules to be able to participate in this very important day in the life of your child or friend, I am doing the same thing. I will miss seeing you at Geneva's commencement. And I deeply appreciate my colleagues who will take my place at the podium.

1, March 22, 2012

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"My classmates became much more than classmates-they became my friends and prayer buddies" - Deborah White, ADCP human services grad

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