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Making the Most of May

Students and parents have good reason to take a second look at Geneva's summer school program. May@Geneva will launch right after graduation this spring, with three important features-lower prices, guaranteed Core classes and better quality of life. More than 100 students have already signed up to take advantage of the new program.

Tom Copeland"I am excited that May@Geneva will allow more students to complete college on time even if they change majors, or face other challenges that lengthen the college experience," says Provost Ken Carson. "Better yet, some students may be able to finish college early."

Senior Carley Warden confirms, "I am doing May term because I am graduating early and needed a couple more credits to graduate this May. And it is cheaper to take the courses then, than to add extra credits to my semester."

Lower Prices
Geneva is discounting its regular summer school tuition cost to $295 per credit hour-a substantial reduction. There is a fee of $515 for room and board, which in most cases is less than the cost of off-campus housing and meals. This includes a limited meal plan at Alexander Hall and a bed in college apartments (with air conditioning). Geneva grants and scholarships are not available in the summer, though some federal grants and loans may be available. Interested families should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the benefits and options.

Catching up on Required Core Classes
Twelve required Core classes will be offered in May, including all Bible and Humanities courses, SCS 110 (Intro to Natural Science) and POL 352 (Great Issues in Politics), which must be taken at Geneva. A complete list of classes is available on the Geneva website.

Many types of students will benefit. Transfer students often need these Core classes. Scholar-athletes can balance out a lighter load during an athletic season. Many students find that in today′s job market, a minor or a second major makes them more employable. Additionally, studies find that most college students change majors at least once during college. Each change can make it more difficult to graduate on time, but May@Geneva will help students catch up.

Improved "Quality of Life"
Along with housing and meals, facilities geared to students will remain open, including the library, student center, bookstore, fitness center and the fieldhouse. The GC Life team is working on a set of activities that will enhance the out-of-classroom time, including intramurals, devotions, book discussions and dorm activities.

The Ability to Focus
There are other advantages to a short, intensive period of study. Sophomore Heidi Palmer says, "Taking a May class not only provides an opportunity to get ahead, it also allows for more focus on just one or two classes instead of the stress of six classes at one time."

Dr. Jeff Cole, professor of humanities, agrees. "The intensive exploration of humanities that occurs during May provides students with opportunities to make connections that they often miss when the course is spread over a normal semester. I've seen students make great strides in their understanding of humanities during May."

For more information, check out the May@Geneva webpage, or contact Dr. Tom Copeland at 724-847-6621.

March 2012


Student Self-Service
Geneva announces new online tools for students.

sq-nr-payment.jpgNew online payment option
Students can now make electronic payments from a checking or savings account for free.

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Author Derek Melleby hosts "Your Purpose, Your Faith, Your Community."


"It was the first time I heard about a Christian college that offered an engineering program." - Zack Ritchie mechanical engineering major

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