Rome Application - Geneva Students


You should complete all parts of the application that pertain to you and submit the materials together to the Crossroads Office located on the second floor of the Student Center. Do not submit the application in segments. You can complete the application in two ways:

  • Fill out the PDF documents electronically and submit them by attaching them, either individually or in a .ZIP file, to an e-mail addressed to (preferred).
  • Print and fill out the documents by hand and submit a hard copy to the Crossroads Office.

Download all forms on this page, but only complete your part of the Faculty Recommendation and Student Development forms. Once your part has been completed, deliver the forms to the appropriate office. The faculty member and Student Development Office can mail or deliver the completed forms to the Crossroads Office. Mailing information is provided on each form.

Application Forms

You may choose to either download all the forms at once in a zipped folder, or you may download them individually as PDFs. To unzip the .ZIP file, simply right-click it and select "Extract All."

  • Download all Forms (.ZIP)
  • Student Application Form
  • Billing
  • Cost Estimate
  • Faculty Recommendation
  • Student Development

Questions about applications, the application process, and the Semester in Rome generally should be directed to or the Crossroads Office, Geneva′s Center for Off-Campus Study (724-847-6891).