Traveling around Italy and Europe

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Trains within Italy run on regular schedules and at convenient times. For Rome, use Roma Termini (this will take you to Rome′s main station that is only minutes from our campus) From the Rome station, you will then board a bus for the campus (see bus instructions).

Trenitalia is Italy′s state-run train system. Here you may check schedules and prices, but cannot purchase tickets with credit cards issued outside of Europe.

Purchasing train tickets

Train tickets may be purchased easily and quickly at kiosks in most stations. The Biglietti Veloce (Fast Ticket) machines accept Master Card and Visa and are easy to use. Begin by touching the British flag on the screen to access the menu in English. Of course, the stations have Trenitalia ticket windows as well, but they are usually open only during normal business hours.

For planning purposes when traveling throughout Europe you can find a comprehensive database of European train schedules at You can also check fares and schedules at . You cannot book tickets through this website when in Europe, but it will give you an idea what tickets will cost when you purchase them at the Termini.

Eurail Passes

Because each individual′s travel desires are different, we cannot recommend the "best" pass. However, many of our students who have traveled outside Italy discovered that the 8 day Select Pass worked well for them. The cost (about $500) covered itself quickly. Whatever you do, buy a pass that allows travel on non-consecutive days-you do not want one that requires you to travel on consecutive days because you will probably want to travel at various times throughout the semester. The link below will be very helpful in explaining all the options. (It even shows you how to interpret the schedulesat train stations.) Be aware that rail passes need to be purchased in the U.S. and are not available in Europe.

While Eurail passes may be an economically beneficial means of travel, the amount of time spent on a train may be more costly and flying may be the best mode of transportation.

Budget Airlines

Budget airlines proliferate in Europe and many serve Rome′s two airports: Ryanair, Easyjet, Virgin Express, Air Berlin, Transavia, Sky Europe, Wizzair, are just a few of the airlines from which you can choose. Visit the Whichbudget website to begin exploring your options.

Be aware that budget airlines often strictly limit the amount of luggage you can carry on and usually charge a fee for checked baggage. In addition, be sure you check the location of the airports the airline uses for your trip. Many budget airlines use airports that are far from city centers, so factor in extra time and ground transportation charges as you plan.