Frequently Asked Questions


Scenes from the Semester in Rome Program

Why should I study with Geneva College in Rome?
There are many semester programs in Italy, but Geneva′s Semester in Rome is unique because it is designed to be a small program (only 22 students each semester) that focuses on building a close learning-living community in one of the world′s most exciting cities. World-famous art, tourist sites, and some of the best food on the planet are at your feet.  Most importantly, we take the integration of faith and learning seriously by looking at everything through the lenses of the Reformed tradition. 

Will I be able to travel?
Absolutely! Our class schedule normally runs Monday through Thursday, leaving long weekends for travel. In addition, many students travel throughout Europe during our 10-day mid-semester break. 

How much does the program cost?
For Geneva students, the program costs the same as Geneva College tuition, room, and board plus an administrative fee that applies to all students who study abroad and a Rome activity fee. These fees are subject to change, so please contact the Crossroads Office for the current price. Students from other colleges and universities should check with their study abroad office for cost information.

What is included in the cost of the program?
The cost of the program covers courses, housing, a stipend for meals, breakfast daily while in Rome, a monthly Rome metro pass, all field trip-related transportation, admission to all field trip sites, and overnight stays associated with field trips while the class is away from Rome. International health insurance is also included. For Geneva College students only, airfare is included in the program cost.

What is not included in the program cost?
The program cost does not include course materials (such as books), passport fees, airfare for non-Geneva students, and items of a personal nature.

How much of my Geneva College aid will be applied to the cost of the Semester in Rome?
Geneva College will apply 100% of a Geneva student′s aid to the cost of the Rome program. There is one exception to this policy: Geneva students who are on full tuition remission because of faculty/staff benefits or through a tuition exchange program will receive 50% of the normal tuition benefit. Geneva College will not extend any Geneva aid to non-Geneva students who attend, but will process non-Geneva students' federal aid if the students attend colleges with which Geneva has an affiliation agreement. Contact for details.

Geneva College aid cannot be used to cover the study-abroad fee, the Rome activity fee, or any of the other additional fees associated with participation in the Semester in Rome.

Are there course prerequisites for the program?
Geneva College students must successfully complete Humanities 103 (Invitation to the Humanities) as a prerequisite for the Rome Program. There are no course prerequisites for non-Geneva College students. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Rome Program?
Any Geneva College student who has a minimum 2.5 GPA, good academic and social standing, is at least a sophomore, and has completed or will complete Humanities 103 prior to going to Rome is eligible for participation.

Also, non-Geneva College students enrolled at CCCU-affiliated institutions and select students at other institutions are eligible to participate. Non-Geneva students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and good academic and social standing at their home institution. Students must have obtained at least sophomore status. There are no course prerequisites for non-Geneva students. 

Can parents or friends visit students while they are studying in Rome?
Yes. Visits by family and friends are welcome, but should be planned for times when students are on mid-semester break. Refer to our calendar for details.

Is lodging for visitors available at the Rome campus?
Lodging for visitors is not available on site, but suggestions for accommodations near campus are located on our travel pages.

Is there a curfew? Why?
Yes, there is a curfew. Students who plan to stay overnight on campus must be back by 11 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. Our campus is located in facilities owned by the Order of the Company of Mary, Our Lady. A curfew exists for the safety of the entire community and is not unusual for Italy. In fact, many hostels and hostel-convents have curfews. This is not a “lights out” or “in-your-room” curfew. In addition, much of the city′s transportation system shuts down after 11 p.m., making it much more difficult to navigate around Rome.

What is the alcohol and drug policy for the Semester in Rome?
Semester in Rome participants are expected to be drug and alcohol free. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited. In addition, all students are expected to adhere to Geneva′s prudential policy requiring students not to have alcohol in their possession and/or in their system while on campus. 

Can Geneva College students fulfill their language entrance requirement by studying in Rome?
Geneva College students who enter with a language deficiency can fulfill the language requirement by successfully completing the Italian Language & Culture (FLC 101) course in Rome.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information, contact, or the Crossroads Office (Geneva College′s center for off-campus study) at

Program information updated on March 5, 2012.