Student Testimonials

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Here′s what students are saying about the Semester in Rome:

Johannah Walton, Independent Major
"I loved how each [field] trip solidified and reinforced what we had learned about in the classroom."

Sidney Gropp, Biology
"I feel that I have a broader outlook on life. I see other cultures as well as my own in a different light. I have a greater and deeper appreciation for God′s amazing and vast creation."

Shelly Haney, Independent Major
"I feel so much more confident in my ability to interact with new people and scenarios - I feel now like there is nothing I can′t do with God′s help."

Heidi Pavlikowski, Communication Disorders
"I really enjoyed the excursions. There really is no better way to learn about something than to actually see it and experience it. I both grew and felt challenged. I met so many different people with different backgrounds."

Katie Tricarico, English Major
"The past semester in Rome has opened my eyes, my ears and my heart to more things than I ever expected. Yet I have not changed. Instead, I have grown. I am so thankful that out of all the places on this brown and green earth, God found it right to set my feet in this place. I only pray that I never lose hold of that gratitude."

Christopher Carter, Christian Ministries Major
"Indeed, this time has enriched my life. Never will I forget the treasure from this trip. Sixteen other friends were there to travel the road with me. Many strong links of friendship were formed between us. We truly grew. This journey has molded me into a better person."

Melissa Hershey, Accounting Major
"I have fallen in love with Italy and especially with Rome. I have walked more, eaten more, and been confused by language more in these three months than ever before. Each part of it has been wonderful. I told one of my friends early on in the semester that coming to Rome was one of the best decisions of my life. I still hold this to be true. I am not going to say goodbye to this city when I leave, I will simply say ‘until next time….′"

Erin McBride, Sociology Major
"Academically, I have learned more than I could recount in a hundred-page paper. It has been amazing. We have followed the progress of cultural and art history from the time of the Spartans in The Aeneid to post World War II abstract expressionism. Virtually every second has been engaging. I had never heard of Caravaggio or Bernini and now I could recognize their work anywhere. I′d never thought about what true beauty is, or what constitutes art or the nine rings of hell, but now those things will forever affect the way I view the world. It was a great experience."

Rachel Crone, History Major
"Coming in contact with art by artists such as Antonio Gaudí and Pablo Picasso or talking with people in Rome who are living out their impossible dreams, I′ve been challenged to let go of my standard of the ‘possible′ and let God move me to dream and accomplish big things."

Jonathan Rivette, Marketing Major
"I′ve loved seeing how art has developed throughout different time periods and changed throughout history, especially in a city like Rome that′s very concentrated and rich with art. Rome as an art piece is beautiful in many ways. The old artifact of a city can be quite impressive. But to experience Rome as a living artwork, one has to be a part of it, rather than the observer. Rome is beautiful in its architecture, art, and history, but much more lies within the cracks. Some of the most meaningful relationships I built this semester were towards the end of my time here. Every season in life has an ending point, but a lot of me wants to stay now that I feel like I′ve become more a part of this city. Rome now holds a connection to me I will always have."

Abigail Bomgardner, History Major
"Being in Rome has taught me so much. I could have never planned a better learning experience. Everything has brought me closer to understanding the bigger of my life picture yet I am even more in the dark with every new fact I learn. I have learned about myself both relationally, spiritually and educationally. It has been an exciting journey."

Jesse Lambert, Elementary Education Major
"This semester will go down in history as the semester that I sought after God, that I started seeing more in my future, and as the best semester that I ever had."