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The Geneva College Business Office is available to assist students with school-related financial matters including tuition, fees, room and board. Following are answers to the most frequently asked questions presented to the Business Office.

Where do I pay my bill?

Pay your bill at the Business Office in Old Main, or use the return envelope that comes with your bill. Or, you can choose from any of our convenient payment options, including online payments.

Who do I call to ask questions?

If you have any questions about your bill, please call the Business Office at 724-847-6115. For questions on payments call the cashier at 724-847-6875.

When do I pay my bill?

The balance of your bill (minus financial aid) is due August 10 for the fall semester and January 2 for the spring semester. ID cards will not be activated for students who have not made arrangements to satisfy their account. Additionally, unpaid student accounts are subject to registration cancellation. You may sign up for a payment plan with Sallie Mae® to have more time to pay your bill. Proceed to our Tuition Payment Center page to get started.

How can I pay my bill?

I thought I paid my bill completely. Why is there a balance again?

Federal Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans listed on your award letter may have a fee. When these loans are put on your account, a fee may be deducted. Parking and other fines are assessed as incurred. Hall damages show on your account in the summer. These are some of the items that can cause a balance on your account when you think it has been paid.

When will my refund be available?

Students with more federal aid (Title IV funds) than charges on their account will be refunded one week after the start of the semester. All other account refunds will be available within three weeks, provided all funds have been received.

How are tuition and room deposits handled?

Tuition deposits will show on your account by the start of the semester. Room deposits are refunded to non-returning students in July after residence hall damage charges are considered.

Why am I charged for student health insurance?

Full-time traditional undergraduate students are required to have health insurance. You will be billed for the student health insurance if you have not completed a waiver by the deadline. For more information, see our Heath Insurance page.

I have taken all of the subsidized and unsubsidized loans available to me through financial aid. Are there any other loans available?

Please visit the financial aid webpage for additional loan options at

What does "estimated aid" mean on my bill?

Estimated aid is financial aid that you have signed for on your award letter, but which has not been applied to your account because classes have not yet begun, you haven't completed Direct loan entry or MPN, etc.

Why isn't my financial aid reflected on my bill?

If financial aid is not showing on your account after classes begin, please check with the Financial Aid Office as there may be a problem you need to resolve.

How do I pay for my books?

The Campus Bookstore accepts cash, check, credit and debit cards. For more information regarding the purchase of textbooks, visit or call 724-847-6595.

What other charges may appear on my account?

Other charges besides room, board and fees may appear on your account. It is important to identify the department placing the charge on your account and contact that department to resolve issues:

Parking Tickets 724-847-5678
Residence Hall 724-847-6645
Library Fines 724-847-6690
Chapel Fines 724-847-6641
Financial Aid 724-847-6530

Helpful tips

Fees and aid may change due to class drops and adds, financial verification, additional scholarships received, etc. Work-study amounts on an award letter must be earned and wages paid directly to the student.

Don't forget

Compare your award letter to your bill. Follow up on anything that doesn't make sense to you.