Student Life


Beta Student Experiences

“Beta made me aware of leadership positions on campus and gave me space and opportunity to think about which was the best suited to my strengths and gifts.” – Miriam Troup, ‘14

“I learned a lot of great and helpful things from Beta. I learned about my strengths as a leader and how I can use them in all areas of my life, not just my job. I also met a lot of awesome people who I am still friends with today.” – Samantha Johnson, ‘15

“I think the biggest thing I took away from Beta is friendships. I met a lot of other students who were striving for the same things as me, mostly to bring others to Christ by the example we set with our lives. The faculty working with Beta guided and supported us in becoming those leaders specifically here at Geneva.” – Sarah Zora, ‘15

“Beta has given me great insights on how to be a good leader and helped me think of how I can incorporate good leadership skills in my everyday life.” – Myriah Farmer, ‘16

“Beta really kick-started my journey of learning about leadership. The things we learned about inspired me to think critically about leadership both in a general sense and in a personal sense.” – Kendall Bair, ‘16

“I had various leadership positions in high school with a few clubs and activities, but Beta opened my mind to view leadership in a whole new different way. I not only took away practical ways to be a leader and learn what the role of a leader looks like, but I gained a new appreciation for the way in which leadership works and what leadership can accomplish.” – Russell Hall, ‘16