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Adventure-Based Education Concentration

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Core Requirements

  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Complete the BETA Program
    Complete a one-credit book discussion
    (must be preapproved)
  • Complete a capstone project
  • Attend one conference (must be preapproved)
  • Complete a 150-hour practicum

Concentration Requirements (choose two of the following three options):

Associated Department: The Pisgah Program

Facilitator Training Workshop

Students will attend a weekend workshop (Friday evening and all day Saturday) stacked with hands-on experience, teambuilding training and ideas designed to equip you to begin to effectively observe groups and facilitate adventure activities. This workshop may be replaced by the three-credit MIN-Challenge Course Facilitation and Ministry class.

Participate in the Pisgah Program′s Core Group

Serve on the Pisgah Program's student leadership team (Core Group), either as a volunteer or in a GC Life position. Explore what it means to be an effective leader, pointing students to a deeper relationship with Christ through the context of adventure and leadership experiences. Learn how to plan and lead adventure/experiential activities while working with a team.

Attend a weekend, fall or spring break trip

Join the Pisgah Program for a weekend, fall or spring break trip (must be a minimum of two nights).

Electives (Pick one of the following):

Participate in Adventure-Based Leadership Training

Travel from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, along the Great Allegheny Passageway and the C&O Bike Trail for an intensive experiential six-day biking experience. Students will learn about the connection of leadership to life, develop practical aspects of leadership, and have the privilege of working out specific skills and gifts through leadership experiences while on the trip.

CRUX Bible study training and leadership

Students will attend the CRUX Bible Study training (3-4 hours) held in the fall semester each year. Upon completion of this training, they will lead or co-lead a Bible study. Bible study leaders will meet with a CFP staff member and other Bible study leaders weekly to go over the content of the study for that week and talk through small group dynamics.

Help to lead an adventure day trip*

Organize, recruit and help teach basic skills on a rock climbing, mountain biking or paddling trip.

Serve as an Adventure Club officer

Example: The Mountain Biking Club

Participate in Challenge Course building or maintenance

Learn basic challenge course building skills and maintenance by joining Pisgah Program staff for a minimum of 12 hours of challenge course construction

Facilitate a four-hour (or more) challenge course experience*

Organize, plan and facilitate a challenge course experience geared at achieving group specific goals.

Obtain Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder Certification

Courses are offered through Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO) or Wilderness Medical Association (WMA), and may be found at their respective websites.

*Requires partnership with the Pisgah Program schedule and previous training/skill experience