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The Geneva College Counseling Center is directed by Amy Solman, a fully licensed and accredited treatment provider. She is on staff full-time with the college to provide counseling services for students during the academic year.


Counseling services are free for enrolled students. If it is warranted that a student needs additional services (i.e. psychiatric care, more intensive treatment), the Counseling Center will facilitate a referral. The student may choose to have his/her primary insurance billed or to self-pay.


The privacy of each client will be protected. Exceptions apply in clear "need to know" situations involving an impending threat to self or others, gross neglect of self-care, and suspicion of child and/or elder abuse. Unless unfeasible or contraindicated, the discussion of confidentiality occurs at the onset of treatment and thereafter as new circumstances may warrant.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The practice of the Counseling Center does not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability or national or ethnic origin.

Client Rights

The Counseling Center ensures that clients are aware of the rights they have upon entering the therapeutic process. These include but are not limited to:

The right to confidentiality. The privacy of the client will be protected unless limited by law or consent.

The right to informed consent. Clients (being informed of the benefits, limitations and potential risks of the services offered) may freely give or refuse consent, documenting such through signature acquisition when applicable.

The right to file grievances and register complaints. When possible, clients should first express their concerns directly to the counselor. If the counselor is unable to resolve the issue to a client's satisfaction, the client should speak with the Director of the Counseling Center. Geneva College students may also direct comments or concerns to the Dean of Student Development.