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Friday Night Live | Friday, January 16
A parody of the popular nighttime variety show, SNL, Friday Night Live is an event produced by the Student Activities office featuring some of Geneva’s finest student actors, comedians, and videographers. The evening is full of laughter and entertainment, and is a fantastic kickoff to the semester!

Movies in Monaca | Tuesday, January 27
What? $2 for a movie in Monaca, PA? Outrageous…but true. Just show up to the Cinemark Theatre in Monaca, PA with your student ID and a couple bucks to see a movie!

Shark Tank Pitching Day | Friday, January 30
Got ideas? Well come to the SPO to share your event ideas with the Student Activities team. If your idea is best, we will put $1,000 toward making your event come to life!

Homecooking | Monday-Friday, February 2-6
They teach you, they keep your student records, they…feed you? Yup, Homecooking Week is the time of year where the faculty become hosts to groups of students, inviting them into their homes for meals and conversations.

Pittsburgh Trip | Saturday, February 14
Hop on the bus and take a trip down to the big city! Tour the town, see the sights, and visit the districts. It costs $5 for transportation and spots are limited, so sign up early!

Study Break | Weekdays, February 16-27
You all work too hard. Take a break for Student Activities! Look out for daily events during these two weeks. They are sure to inspire you, entertain you, and reenergize you…at least enough for you to get back to work!

Shark Tank Event | Friday, March 20
You plan it, we produce it. This event will be a students’ idea (see Shark Tank Pitching Day) come to life, so look for more information about the event around this time.

Amazing Race | Saturday, March 28
Are you addicted to the popular reality TV show? We are too, so we decided to partner with Pisgah to create our very own Amazing Race event here at Geneva.

HvZ | Monday-Friday, April 13-17
HUMAN! ZOMBIE! Look out, because Humans vs Zombies is back. Grab your Nerf guns and balled up socks and strive to survive the outbreak of undead, foot-dragging, flesh-eating students during this week.

My Generation Night (MGN) Auditions | Friday, April 24
Think you have talent? Well come showcase that talent by signing up for an MGN audition in the Student Programs Office. We will look at musical, comedy, magic, dance, and pretty much any other creative act as long as it screams “My Generation Night!”

My Generation Night (MGN) | Friday, May 1
I remember the good ol’ days of Relient K, Switchfoot, Green Day, SNL, Third Eye Blind, All-American Rejects, Full House, and the Carleton dance. Wow, those were good times. Let’s bring ‘em back at this semesters’ closing event, My Generation Night!