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Classic Events

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Student Activities hosts over 35 events every year. Although each of these events is special in its own right, several traditional events have woven there way into the fabric of the Geneva experience.

Take a look at these traditional favorites:

Cafe Courtyard

This event is designed to provide a space for students to reconnect after a summer away from campus. Happening on the first Friday of classes, this lively outdoor event is full of food, beverages and live music. You won′t want to miss out on the first big event of the year.

Film Fest

This event provides an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity through the art of film making. Full of formal fanfare—from the red carpet to the fancy finger foods—this “academy awards” event is the time for students to break out their dresses and ties. After an evening of viewing student-made films, awards are given to the best actors/actresses, best directors and the best overall film.  

The Faith & Culture Series

We believe that our Christian faith is something that not only impacts the way we think on Sundays, but also informs all areas of life. The Faith and Culture Series is specifically designed to spark campus conversations on how we as Christians interact with the arts and pop culture. Opportunities to join in the conversation are provided through concerts, film viewings and student-driven publications.  

Mystery Bus Trip

The Mystery Bus Trip (MBT)—just saying the name gets us excited. It might be the most unforgettable event of the year. Here is how it works: students stay in line for hours hoping to get 1 of the 100 available tickets; students then pay $20 for an event where they have no idea where they are going or what they are doing; Student Activities then gives the students a list of things to bring that they may or may not use; finally, the bus leaves campus at 5 p.m. on Friday and gets back at 5 a.m. on Saturday. In that 12-hour gap, you never know what will happen.  

My Generation Night

We believe that it is important to celebrate—and celebrate in a big way. To close out the year, we roll out the big stage, bring in professional sound and lighting, and let students become stars for a night. Students rock the stage by performing cover songs from their generation. This is the biggest event of the year, and it never seems to disappoint.