Student Programs


Student Activities Coordinators


Tara O′Connor

Hometown: Flowery Branch, GA
Major: Political Science & Biology
Year: Junior
Favorite Event: MGN & Café Courtyard
About You: I love being outside, camping, hiking, etc. I am also an avid traveler (ask me about Munich sometime) and am kind of a movie guru. Plus, Caity Martin is my roommate so I have that going for me.


Brett Williams

Hometown: Gettysburg, PA
Major: Public Relations
Year: Junior
Favorite Event: Mystery Bus Trip
About You: I am fun-loving, competitive, and indecisive. It took me three tries to pick a college! I am a lover of quality television, nail-biter sports games, and a nice rare steak. Feel free to challenge me to a Spikeball game anytime, anyplace.


Andrew Flecker

Hometown: Prospect, PA
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Sophomore
Favorite Event: Mystery Bus Trip
About You: Fun, energetic. I love to hang out with my friends and the weekends. Have a wicked volleyball serve. Have six wonderful siblings and two amazing nephews. Advice to freshmen: Be willing to try anything when the opportunity is presented to you. You won′t know what you like if you don′t try new things!


McKenna Pontoli

Hometown: Beaver, PA
Major: Communication Disorders
Year: Junior
Favorite Event: MGN! I love the student involvement and the talent displayed. I also love the end of the year excitement!
About You: I love dancing, theatre, art/painting, and Disney! Green is my favorite color :)




Ben Mills

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Chemical Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Favorite Event: Open Mic Night
About You: My hobby is the acquisition of knowledge and new experiences. I love to read, travel, hike, play piano, and spend time with friends. I have an abnormal fear of long stray hairs and an abnormal appreciation for the sound that a watch makes. If you want to strike up a conversation, tell me about a passion of yours.

Communications Team


Evelyn Ashleigh

Hometown: South Pasadena, CA
Major: Business Marketing
Year: Junior
SPO Position: Photographer
Favorite Event: MGN
About You: Evelyn enjoys outdoor activities, camping, and water sports. She is a color enthusiast and is happy when in the sun.


Zachary Sheldon

Hometown: Erie, PA
Major: Communications – Integrated Media
Year: Junior
SPO Position: Videographer
Favorite Event: Film Fest
About You: I′m a junior Communications major with a passion for film and video. I love watching movies and reading!



Daniel Martin

Hometown: Moon Township, PA
Major: Business Marketing
Year: Senior
SPO Position: Graphic Designer
Favorite Event: MGN
About You: I enjoy playing on the varsity soccer and club volleyball teams.