Geneva College

Tuition Freeze

Geneva College commits to no tuition increase in 2014-2015 for traditional undergraduate students!

“The cost of getting a college education is becoming more burdensome and if it continues, will be a barrier to average people getting a degree – and this is something that Geneva College is deeply concerned about – and addressing. So with a commitment to making a Geneva education affordable and accessible, Geneva is freezing the cost of tuition next year,” said Geneva President Ken Smith. “And this is just a beginning. Geneva is committed to holding down the cost of tuition long term and you will be hearing about more innovations and announcements in the future.”
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What people are saying...

Tuition freeze sounds wonderful, and very unusual these days, considering how much college tuition is increasing. I think everyone would appreciate a break like that! Carol G.
Something that every college should strive for, partly because most people can't even afford college as it is. Keep up the good work! Andrew D.
That’s good. Every little bit helps. Dwayne Z.
Thank you Geneva....a nice gift to those graduating next year! Wendy L.
Now that is good news for all you college families!!! Ron R.

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