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What Will College Look Like in the Fall?

Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU) recently turned to Geneva College leadership to find out what college will look like in the fall in his podcast, "Youth Culture Matters." Listen to comments by Calvin L. Troup, PhD, President; Melinda Stephens, PhD, Provost; Anthony Turner, EdD, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing; and Jamie Swank, JD, Dean of Student Development.

Youth Culture Matters / Episode 107 / June 2, 2020

Youth Culture Matters

Listen as Walt Mueller guides a discussion with Calvin L. Troup, PhD, president and other members of Geneva College staff about providing education during COVID-19.

Used with permission of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, CPYU.org, Helping parents, youth workers, educators, pastors and others understand and reach today's youth culture.