BBA in Marketing Degree

Business Placement Results

The demand and importance of marketing in today′s business environment are growing quickly. For those looking for marketing schools in PA, Geneva′s Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing prepares students to meet the quickly changing demands of the business world with research and critical-thinking/analysis skills.  The curriculum in Geneva′s business marketing program specifically enables students to explore areas such as consumer behavior, market research, product development, distribution policies, pricing and legislative regulations.

In addition to Geneva and business core classes, students in this business marketing degree concentration take the following business marketing courses:

  • Marketing Research (BUS 420)
  • Advertising & Promotion (BUS 421) or Sales & Sales Management (BUS 422)
  • Consumer Behavior (BUS 425)
  • Strategic Marketing Policy (BUS 428)

If you are interested in marketing colleges in PA or in studying marketing at a Christian college in Pennsylvania, we invite you to contact Geneva College for more information.