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Make the most of your interest in a college biology major with the Bachelor of Science in Biology program at Geneva College. We’re a uniquely Christian college with biology degrees that provide top-tier academic training coupled with a faith-based worldview you won’t find at any other college with biology in PA. As a Geneva College biology major, you’ll not only gain a solid academic and practical understanding of the structures, functions, regulation and interrelated nature of living things, but you’ll also develop a perspective that emphasizes the importance of the work you have chosen. Not only will you be qualified to pursue a career with a biology degree from Geneva College, your Bachelor of Science in Biology will prepare you to take on the role of a servant-leader in your field. You’ll become a highly trained professional who understands the physical world as God’s miraculous handiwork – entrusted to us as a gift we are intended to cherish, nurture and protect. 

Why Geneva?

If you’re looking for an undergraduate biology degree in PA to fit your needs and your moral compass, we can help. Geneva is a Christian college with biology degree opportunities that provide modern training presented in light of the eternal biblical truths of creation. We begin with a perspective that recognizes God as the author of the biological world – consider it one of the prerequisites for biology major programs here. From that perspective, we designed a solid catalog of foundational courses, informed by the latest in contemporary research, as well as cutting-edge explorations into areas such as:

  • Neuroscience
  • Genomics
  • Immunology
  • Virology
  • Biomedical ethics

In every subject we cover in the Bachelor of Science in Biology program, our focus is on the biologist as a servant-leader dedicated to the God-ordained role of caretaker to creation – a worldview that can infuse academic interest with the passion of mission. And our program gives you everything you need to fully explore your chosen path while discovering others. As a Christ-centered top college for undergraduate biology degree programs, we could do no less.Among those benefits: 

  • State-of-the-art laboratories
  • Independent study focused on specific careers
  • Field-study with Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
  • Urban medical experience with Lawndale Summer Medical Project
  • Various medical mission opportunities
  • Internships and other on-campus development
  • Flexibility in changing career goals until junior year

Program Requirements

As a Geneva College biology major, you’ll complete 43-49 credits of core curriculum courses, 37-38 of foundational biology courses, an additional laboratory course of your choice, at least nine credits of biology electives, basic classes in chemistry and physics plus a class in statistics. And while the program is rich with opportunities within your major, there is also room in the schedule to round out your undergraduate experience with exposure to other fields of study.

Your Career Possibilities

Whatever career path you have in mind by choosing a biology major, you’ll be well prepared to pursue that career with a biology degree from Geneva College. The possibilities are many: lab technician, park naturalist, medical technologist, high school biology teacher, nursing and pharmaceutical sales are just some of them. With two to three years of additional study, you might become a physical therapist, physician assistant, occupational therapist, epidemiologist or forensic scientist. Four or more years of graduate study could take you into your own medical practice or the practice of medicine in a hospital or corporate setting.


   Cell and Molecular Biology
   Environmental Biology
   Human Biology  

Allied Health Programs
   Biomedical Research 
   Medical Technology
   Pre-Occupational Therapy
   Pre-Physical Therapy
   Pre-Physician Assistant