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October 21, 2016

STEM Major Consideration: Reasons To Pursue an Education and Career in STEM

Job prospects are promising for STEM graduates, but as with any college major, it is not wise to blindly stumble into STEM just because you think you'll have an easier time landing a job. Your major is an important decision that deserves a lot of thought. That being said, if you have an appreciation for math, engineering, or applied science, STEM may be the way to go. Keep the following considerations in mind as you make your final decision:

STEM is Relevant to Your Everyday Life

Staying focused on a topic can be impossibly difficult when you believe that topic has little relevance to your daily life. This is not the case for STEM, which has an immediate impact on every aspect of your life, from the morning alarm on your phone to the smart thermostat that keeps you warm at night. While studying, you'll be able to draw quick connections between concepts outlined in class and things you see and do everyday. This will make your coursework infinitely more interesting.

Low Unemployment and High Salary

Earning potential should not be your sole consideration as you select a major, but it is worth thinking about. Employees with expertise in science, technology, engineering, and math are currently in high demand, so your chances of securing a job after graduation are quite good. What's more, you can expect a promising salary at your first 'real' job. According to the United States Department of Education, STEM graduates earn $65,000 on average. Income is especially impressive for engineers, who earn an average annual salary of $73,700.

Broad Applications

STEM is valuable even if you don't plan on working as a mathematician or engineer. Technology now plays a huge role in virtually every industry, so a STEM major can give you a career boost regardless of which path you take after graduation. The challenges you encounter in your STEM classes will also prepare you for difficult graduate coursework.

STEM is a thriving field, so if you have a natural interest in science, technology, engineering, or math, you could enjoy the best of both worlds: a lucrative career in a field you love. The best way to find out if a STEM career is in your future is to enroll in multiple STEM courses with an open mind. You just might discover a new passion! You can also reach out to a Geneva College Admissions Counselor to talk it over. They are trained to help you determine what major might suit you best.

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