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September 17, 2015

National Self Improvement Month

September is National Self Improvement Month. The best way to honor it, of course, is by taking steps to improve yourself and your life in some way. Unlike New Year's resolutions, which tend to be pretty broad and are typically about willpower, September's self-improvement steps are about redefining and adjusting our goals. So, which areas of your life need improvement? Popular examples include becoming more physically fit, carving out more personal time, advancing in your career or furthering your education. The last example may see a bit odd for a working adult, but advancing your education can help you achieve all of your other goals and then some.

Identify Areas that Need Improvement

To make the most of National Self Improvement Month, start by identifying areas in your life that could use some work. This is typically the most difficult step because it's hard to take an unbiased look at yourself. Think back to the first day of the new year. Did you make any resolutions? If so, did you make any progress with them? It could be that you "fell off the wagon." Don't beat yourself up. Instead, take this opportunity to start working toward them again.

Establish Clear Goals

The biggest mistake people make when attempting to improve themselves is being too vague about their goals. For example, you may feel dissatisfied with your career, so one goal may be to somehow improve it. If you stop there, you're not going to get anywhere. The question to ask yourself is how can you improve your career? Can you stay in your current role but improve upon it in some way? Should you ask for a raise or a promotion? Perhaps you should seek greener pastures by looking for work elsewhere. Regardless of your specific goal, furthering your education is almost always the best way to achieve it.

Achieve Your Goals by Earning a Degree

Even if you already have an associate or bachelor's degree, there's no such thing as being too educated. Different phases of life require different skills and credentials. Even if your goals aren't work or school related, they can be achieved more easily by focusing on your education. For instance, perhaps you'd like to lead a healthier lifestyle. Studies have shown that more highly educated people also tend to be fitter because they usually prioritize eating right and getting enough exercise.

 Start Today

Nearly all goals seem insurmountable until you actually start working to achieve them. In the case of advancing your education, you may feel that you're just too busy and too tied down to do anything. Geneva College begs to differ. Our adult degree programs are perfect for busy, working adults who'd like to achieve their National Self Improvement Month goals. These programs are offered in on-campus, online and hybrid variations, so you have the flexibility you need to continue handling your responsibilities while working toward your degree. So, for this year's National Self Improvement Month, enroll in one of our programs. With the new skills and credentials you acquire, you can work toward different goals next year.