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February 27, 2017

Undecided? How Adult College Students Can Choose the Right Course of Study

College is no longer just for teenagers and early twenty-somethings. The National Center for Education Statistics anticipates that students aged 25 and older will account for 43 percent of all college students by 2020. Many of these students enter online education programs with a full understanding of what they want to study and how it will play into their future career. Others, however, have no idea what to study.

If you know you want to attend a Christian college but struggle to choose a major, keep the following considerations in mind:

Consider General Studies

Why force yourself into a major without truly understanding your calling? Thorough exploration of general courses may be needed to determine your passion and how it could play into your future career.

Geneva College allows students enrolled in the Adult Degree program to pursue an Associate of Arts in General Studies. Afterwards, students can continue on to higher-level courses while still taking advantage of their Associate of Arts degrees in the workplace. This is the perfect way to build critical thinking and communication skills while exploring a variety of subjects and determining which path is most appropriate.

Make the Most of General Classes

The last thing you need after completing Geneva's General Studies program is to be in the same place you were before enrolling. Use every moment in general courses to delve into potential areas of passion. The more you immerse yourself in the opportunities and experiences of each class, the closer you'll be to determining the right major.

Narrow Your Focus

General studies courses can teach you a great deal about yourself and the world around you, but eventually, you'll need to buckle down and choose an area of focus. This is a true challenge for those who wish to do and learn everything. If you've highlighted a few majors that interest you, draft a list of considerations based on your experiences in those classes. How does the major fit into your long-term goals? Do you see yourself excelling -- and maintaining your interest -- in more challenging courses?

Separate Career from Major

Your ultimate goal as a college student may be a rewarding and successful career, but while college will play an instrumental role in achieving the career you desire, your major could have little to do with your ultimate vocation. Don't be paralyzed by a lack of specific career ambitions; choose your preferred area of study and opportunities will follow.

Do Your Research

As an adult student, you enjoy access to a variety of resources above and beyond the typical student under the age of 25. Utilize these resources fully, asking friends, family members, and coworkers for insight into their college experiences and how they played into their eventual careers. Be sure to also interact with professors and advisors, who can help you determine how your current course of study will ultimately fit into your career trajectory.

If you do not yet recognize your calling, don't panic. If you are open to new possibilities, you may stumble upon your true passion when you least expect it. Reflection and prayer will guide you through your college and career journey.

For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your personal and career goals through our Adult Degree Program, contact us at 855-979-5563 or web@geneva.edu.