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July 17, 2017

8 Things I Love about Living with My Geneva Family

Geneva is a residential campus. Having students live on campus is important to the school’s mission, but some exceptions are made. For example, some Geneva faculty members open their homes to students during the school year. Geneva College Residence Life grants commuter status to those who live with faculty families. This allows students who live outside of traditional commuter distance to live close to campus as a commuter.

During my first year at Geneva I met a few students who lived off campus with faculty. The idea seemed pretty sweet to me, but I never imagined I’d be favored enough to score living in the home of a faculty member. God has a way of working things out and for the last two semesters I’ve had the privilege of commuting from a faculty member’s home. Here are some of my favorite things about living with my Geneva family:

  1. My own room.

Now, not everyone who lives with faculty has this privilege (some faculty house multiple students), but I do. I have the most incredible little room in the basement of my family’s house. It has room for a full-sized bed, book shelf, desk, and a large closet. Having grown up living with siblings, I am so spoiled to have a room to call my own.

  1. My own bathroom.

Again, I am privileged. I have this fantastic, spa-like bathroom that was completed just for me. It’s two steps from my bedroom and there’s never a line. I truly live in the lap of luxury with a gorgeous subway tiled shower, roomy vanity and, of course, a toilet.

  1. Homecooked meals.

My Geneva “mom” is a fantastic cook. Seriously. She manages to make things that I wouldn’t normally eat taste really good. For example, spinach pie. It sounds disgusting, but it is the best thing ever.

  1. Being a “Big Sister.”

The family I live with has four children ranging from one month to six years old. I’m not usually a kid person, but I’ve really learned to love my Geneva family’s children. It is really sweet to get home from school and have three little voices yelling hellos. I have learned to enjoy giving piggy back rides, playing the monster and reading books aloud. It was especially awesome to be around for the birth of their fourth child earlier this year.

  1. Setting my own sleep schedule.

One of the hardest things in college is getting enough sleep. Especially when one has multiple roommates who come and go at odd hours, it can be hard to sleep well. Living by myself has given me the flexibility to set a schedule that works for me. I can go to sleep and wake up when I want and no one can yell at me for having the light on. I’ve gone from hating mornings to loving them—oh the difference sleep can make!

  1. Having a commute.

I have a five-minute drive in the morning. This may not be a perk for everyone, but I actually enjoy driving to school. It gives me a few minutes to pray or listen to the radio. Also, I live on one of the hills behind Geneva and there is often a cool view of the fog rising out of the valley on my way in. Just another way to celebrate God’s glory in the morning.

  1. Freedom to be involved on campus.

Since moving off campus I am actually more involved with on-campus events. Not living on campus allows me to feel some separation from the school environment, which in turn invigorates me. I don’t feel obligated by the school, so I actually can enjoy special events on campus. I have definitely been more involved with clubs (English and Commuter clubs), honor societies and other campus events.

  1. Morning coffee.

My Geneva “dad” and I love coffee. We had a conversation a few days after I moved in about coffee, and he was excited to find out that I love drinking coffee too. I remember going upstairs one morning early last semester and finding a little thermos on the counter labeled “Jenny’s coffee.” Since then, I find coffee waiting on the counter for me just about every day. It made my day on the first day and every day since. It’s the little things.

I could go on and on about why I love the opportunity I have to live with my Geneva family, but I know this option isn’t for everyone. Most of my friends can’t imagine why I would want to live with a faculty member. I know that for me personally, God has grown me through this opportunity, and I’ve come to appreciate Geneva even more for allowing me this privilege.

- Jenny