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September 23, 2015

Why Geneva College is the Best Place to Get Your Education

When considering your options for higher education, the importance of your beliefs, lifestyle and faith should never be underestimated. Choosing a faith-based institution ensures that you receive reinforcement of your core values while developing your career skills. Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, provides Christ-centered and community-focused education programs that encourage both spiritual and academic growth. 

Christian Education Isn't Just About Bible Study

At Geneva College, all of our professors are committed Christians. Faith is an integral part of every course and major. Our faculty asks tough questions and presents challenges that arm students with high moral standards and a solid understanding of how they can serve God in their chosen fields. Geneva has been ranked as one of the top 50 Christian Colleges in the U.S. for the upcoming 2015-2016 academic year.

Why Is Geneva College the Best Choice?

Founded and governed by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Geneva College has been providing affordable, quality education for almost 170 years. The institution has a rich heritage of inclusion regarding accessibility, race, gender and creed. It established a female seminary only three years after opening and provided education to freed southern slaves in 1865. Money Magazine has named Geneva as one of the most affordable private colleges in the U.S. The college gained its high marks for its low net price for a four-year degree, its high graduation rate and its low average student debt. 

Remarkable Campus Aesthetics

In addition to being a practical and spiritually nurturing choice, Geneva is also a beautiful and peaceful place to study. Online Christian Colleges named it as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges in the nation. Criteria for the selection included notable features, student enjoyment, environmental friendliness and other factors. The campus boasts an abundance of natural foliage, stunning stone buildings and a serene outdoor environment with relaxing lawn areas for studying and hiking and biking trails. 

Become Who You Are Meant to Be

A wide range of options is available for undergraduates, graduate students and adult learners; these include nearly 40 undergraduate majors as well as online and campus-based Adult Degree Programs. We also have a spirited athletics programAdult students can finish their degrees in as little as 16 months with ground, online and hybrid options. All of our programs are recognized for their exceptional academic quality and their adherence to scripture-based Christian philosophy. Our faculty is committed to excellence and to the success of every student. We provide one-on-one academic coaching programs to help students who need extra support.

For Top-Quality Christian Education, Enroll Today

At Geneva, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attain a degree in a Christ-centered environment. For students seeking financial aid, Geneva College offers several different scholarship, grant and award opportunities. Join the many Christian students who have found their paths to spiritually focused higher education in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania’s Beaver Valley. Contact us today to learn more.