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May 12, 2021

Benefits of Renting

Renting an apartment at college has many benefits. When students hit college, they general want more freedom, so it only makes sense that they might like to rent a place. While renting can impact your financial situation, it also provides benefits of more choice in roommates, freedom, and space. It’s important to weigh these advantages against the benefits of dorm life, which are numerous and meaningful.

Who you room with can have a massive impact on how enjoyable your college experience is. If you do not like your roommates, then college can be rough. Renting your own apartment allows you to have more influence regarding your roommates. This can result in better matches because you will have a better idea of what you want in a roommate.

In addition to good roommates, renting an apartment will allow you greater freedom. Whether you lived at home previously or in a dorm, renting will give you a greater say over your time and visitors. This freedom gives you more responsibilities and a chance to explore the real world before being thrown fully into it.

At home, even if you have your own room, you probably do not have much space, dorms often have even less space. Moving into an apartment gives you more space of your own space. This can be transformed into a place of your likings which in turn will give you a space to relax and focus on your studies and assignments.

Most people decide against committing to an apartment while in college because of the expense. They think that commuting or living in a dorm would cost less, however, there are other expense that are reduced. For instance, you do not have to buy a meal plan or pay for a dorm. Yes, you will still need to buy food and pay for a place to live, but the expense will not all be due at once. This makes renting a great choice for students who do not have lump sums of cash to pay on a college bill at once, which is what you have to do if you live on campus.

Because of this monetary flexibility and added space, apartments can be an excellent choice for college students. Renting gives students the space they need to complete their school assignments. They are able to experience more freedom while being forced to take up the responsibilities of life. Also, renting allows students to have more choice in who their roommates, which can lead to a greater overall college experience.

Each college and university have a culture around residence life. Some favor a vibrant on-campus life full of resident students who form a close-knit community of primarily resident students. Others are more free-wheeling and independent with large populations of apartment renters and commuters. Take this culture into your decision-making process, as well as the comparative availability and affordability of residence hall living versus apartment living.

Geneva College encourages a culture of community with the belief that the on-campus life of students is optimized when they live on or near campus. Learn more about a Christian college with a vocational focus, Geneva College at Or contact admissions at | 800-847-8255.

-Kelsey Gerhard ‘23


Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash