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National School Librarian Day

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National School Librarian Day

Today is National School Librarian, so it is fitting to highlight the work of the Geneva Library Staff. The staff of McCartney Library includes Kathryn Floyd, Justin Hostutler, Jennifer Joseph, Steven Kenneally, Elyn Kennedy, Kae Kirkwood, and Kara Lee Mantinaos. The library also employs several student workers throughout the school year. The library staff works diligently to provide support for Geneva students and faculty. Their work is incredibly important to the College, and it has not gone unnoticed.

Kae Kirkwood, the Archival Librarian, says that “Libraries, as repositories of history, culture, thought, science, and much more, provide access to this information for individuals and communities.” As the Archival Librarian, Kae Kirkwood collects and shares information about Geneva history. Every year that she has been here she has had more and more people come to her with questions about Geneva history. She says, “I love Geneva history—I love seeing how God has worked through the College and her people over the years—and I love sharing it!” In her role she cares for the history of the College and shares our story.

Steven Kenneally is the Director of the Library and he says, “We support students by helping them gain access to information sources, which in turn helps them to pursue truth.” He also emphasizes that as a staff member of Geneva College, he ought to provide encouragement for students not only in the academic sphere of their lives, but also in other areas of their lives. He mentions 1 Thessalonians 5:11, which says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” Steven Kenneally and the other library staff see their roles as one way to fulfill this command.

Jennifer Joseph is the Reference Instruction Librarian, which means her primary responsibility is to help students conduct research for their projects, whether it is an entry-level course or an advanced course. She says, “Working one-on-one with students is definitely the highlight of my day; our students here are just amazing. I am one of the stops on campus tours for prospective students, and I love meeting them, welcoming them to campus, and highlighting what the library offers. I also love securing articles and books that are not in our collection, for students’ research, from other libraries.” Jennifer Joseph is dedicated to serving students and provides valuable support.

One resource the library offers that Jennifer Joseph is passionate about is the InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service. ILL allows students, faculty, and staff to borrow articles and books from other colleges that are not in the McCartney Library collection. ILL is a free service that expands the opportunities for research beyond only what Geneva can offer. Jennifer Joseph encourages students to reach out because she is happy to help them through the research process.

Another valuable resource offered by the McCartney Library is the Writing Center. Kara Lee Mantinaos runs the Writing Center and says, “It is my pleasure to serve the campus by ensuring that any student at Geneva can get assistance with a paper at any stage of the writing process.” Kara Lee Mantinaos develops a team of undergraduate Peer Writing Consultants that offer support for any student that requests assistance with a writing project. Kara Lee says that “God clearly called me to ‘build people’ and I consider it an immense privilege to help students develop their critical thinking and discover the voice through which they will share their gifts and the Gospel with the audience God ordains.” The Writing Center is available for any student, and students can receive assistance at any point in the semester, at any point in their writing process. The Writing Center is an incredibly valuable resource, and Kara Lee Mantinaos is a valuable asset to the library staff.

Another member of the McCartney Library staff is Kathryn Floyd. She is the Technical Services Librarian, which means much of her work is done behind the scenes, to allow for ease in finding and accessing library resources. She says, “What I do makes everything that the library provides—books, articles, journals, videos, etc.—findable and accessible. This work in the background makes finding resources in the research process go as smoothly as possible.” A lot of the work accomplished at the library is not easily seen but is incredibly valuable. The work of Kathryn Floyd makes the resources at the library easy to use, which is integral to the function of the library.

Elyn Kennedy is also a valuable member of the library staff here at Geneva College. She is the Manager of Circulation Services, which means she interacts directly with students who have questions, and she also trains, supervises, and works alongside the student-workers at the library. Elyn says, “Being a recent graduate from Geneva myself, I've not yet discerned what God's calling in my life is, exactly, but He's clearly called me to be here, working at my favorite library, growing together with staff and students alike. I think the most fulfilling aspect of my job is listening to students and helping them in any way I can.” She works diligently to ensure that students can enjoy all the benefits that the McCartney Library has to offer, and she does this work joyfully.

The staff of the library serve the Geneva College community in a variety of different ways, all of which are very much appreciated. Thanks to the work of the current librarians and all of the librarians before them, the Geneva community has access to over a quarter of a million items including books, videos, CDs, journal volumes, and other items. The staff works hard to make sure that students can thrive in their academic pursuits. Geneva College is lucky to have all of the wonderful members of our staff and is grateful for all of the work that they do.

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