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November 16, 2015

Six Things Every Geneva Student Should Do Before Graduation

College is short. You have four years in the happy medium between parental tyranny and the crushing responsibility of adulthood, and then it’s over. Therefore, it is paramount that you make the most of the precious little time you have. How do you go about maximizing your Geneva experience? Make a bucket list of course!

Here’s a list of six things every Geneva student should do before graduation.

Hike to the G

Every Geneva student has seen the white Geneva G emblazoned on the hill overlooking campus. It is one of our campus’ most recognizable symbols. But did you know that you could hike to the G? A trail up the hillside starts across the blue bridge in Beaver Falls and leads to the spot. If you don’t know where it starts ask a friend! The hike is well worth it for arguably the best view of campus that you can get. It’s a perfect daytime or nighttime activity anytime of the year.

Go to a Beaver Falls football game

This is Western PA football at its finest. The Beaver Falls Tigers play at Geneva’s Reeves Field, and the community packs the stadium to cheer on their hometown boys. The atmosphere is electric and is the pinnacle of the high school football spirit. Experience the local rivalries with a group of friends and engage with the local community together. Come early, grab a seat and get your popcorn ready!

Eat a BFC&T breakfast

BFC&T is one of the more popular destinations for Geneva students. It’s a great place to grab a quick cup of coffee before class or study for you next exam. But no one seems to talk about BFC&T breakfast, and they are missing out. One word: Waffles. Get to the coffee shop early Saturday morning to score a breakfast of champions featuring your favorite blend and a hearty waffle featuring all manner of ingredients. I won’t spoil them here; go see for yourself!

Play Speed Volleyball

The unofficial pastime of Geneva students, you’ll rarely find a time before November and after April where the sand volleyball court isn’t swarming with people. Speed volleyball features teams of five or six vying to be the first to 25 points. Score and you stay, lose the point and wait your turn. This lightning paced version of volleyball ensures everyone gets an equal chance to play. The community that forms on the court is one of the best at Geneva, so don’t feel intimidated! Speed volleyball is a fast and fun way to get connected.

Sign up for Our Town

Looking for opportunities to get involved in the Beaver Falls community? Look no further than Our Town. This event occurs every semester and sees different groups of students sign up and serve on a Saturday morning doing things like helping bag food at a food drive or move furniture for Tiger Pause. It is a great way to give back no matter what your schedule looks like and is a fun way to fellowship with new people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Start or participate in a Bible study

Bible studies are an incredibly important part of residence life at Geneva. They help to forge bonds of lifelong friendship and encourage spiritual growth. Bible studies happen all over campus, but you can form your own if you’d prefer. Training is provided every fall and spring for students interested in beginning their own, so take advantage of the opportunity. Doing a Bible study will be the most important and impactful thing you do during your time at Geneva.

These items shouldn’t be the only components of your Geneva bucket list. Always keep in mind different things you want to do to make your college experience as memorable as possible, and take advantage!


–Brett Williams ’16

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