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September 10, 2020

Campus Opportunities

Looking back to my first semester at Geneva, I can remember Welcome Week. Walking into Metheny Field House, I can still see the rows and rows of club tables lined up before me. There were so many different options and experiences being offered, but truthfully, I wasn’t in the mood to try any of them out. I was convinced that the opportunities they were offering just weren’t for me and I had to get in and out before any of the people manning the tables could rhetorically convince me otherwise. Eyeing the exit, I was ready to make a quick escape at any moment to avoid the possibility of signing up for anything that would consume my deeply cherished time.

To me, clubs and extracurricular activities were simply obstacles and time commitments that would come between me and the end of the semester. Walking amongst the many tables, I was aware that at any moment, someone could swiftly convince me that what they were offering was the best activity I would ever do on campus. After talking for about 30 minutes and before even thinking about what I was getting myself into, I could see myself wearily writing my John Hancock right on their signup sheet.

As I passed by, I quickly realized that the people running the tables were practically expert salesmen. Not only were they offering brochures and merchandise on their tables, but they were also giving away treats and candy. They were sitting there waiting for one little glance or nibble at their bait so that they could just reel me in.

Eye contact with anything or anyone near those tables was my enemy at this point, and awareness of my slight addiction to anything free and delicious, I knew I had to get out of there! By the end of the day, I had successfully restrained myself from signing my name on any of those signup sheets. However, looking back, I can admit that it was a not success. In fact, not signing up for anything would prove to be a huge failure on my part.

Freshmen year, I was all about getting into class and getting out. I just wanted to begin the semester and to soar right through all the way to Christmas break. To be quite frank, I was what a lot of people would consider a party pooper, wet blanket, kill joy, or anything else synonymous with being boring. I wasn’t open to new opportunities that could expand my horizons. I didn’t care that there were tons of clubs offered. I didn’t mind passing up those campus events. It didn’t even bother me if I spent all my time on homework and got a higher letter grade instead of making a few new friends. This was a huge mistake and I want to make sure no one goes wandering down the same lonely trail I did.

While I was a party pooper as a freshman, I decided I needed to branch out and invest more time in fun activities on campus as a sophomore. Once I did, I had to ask myself a hard question… Why in the world did I not get involved with these campus opportunities sooner?! So that you aren’t wasting away any of the amazing experiences found at college like I did, here are a few things that I found to be great time commitments and fantastic ways to get connected to the Geneva community.

#1.  Campus Jobs

Now, as many sophomores, juniors, and seniors know, Geneva sends out a few emails a month concerning internships or job opportunities for students throughout the semester. If you’re anything like a typical college student, these emails end up in the trash bin before you really get a chance to look at them. Awhile back, I decided to actually read these emails and see if I might be interested in any of the opportunities. Geneva offers some amazing and fantastic resume boosting jobs and internships that could prove to be insightful and great learning opportunities. So, before throwing that email into the trash bin, take a look and see if any of the jobs Geneva is offering intrigues you. Who knows, you may be surprised with what you find.

#2.  Center for Student Engagement

Out of all the departments at Geneva, the CSE (Center for Student Engagement) holds a significant amount of opportunities for student participation. These opportunities range from break trips, community outreach experiences, campus events, club involvement and campus integration. When students first begin their education at Geneva, the CSE makes sure that students have the available means to grow, learn and develop skills desirable for future employment in the workforce. If you’re looking for a way to connect with community on and off campus, experience the fun and enjoyment of events and develop and grow leadership skills that would otherwise remain dormant, then the CSE is the place for you. Take advantage of these many opportunities and just wait and see where you end up!

#3.  The Genevans

When it comes to music, Geneva takes pride in its school choir, The Genevans, which has been making beautiful music to the Lord in both scriptural based songs and hymns since it was founded in 1938. Participation in the choir is a time commitment, however, it is not one you will regret making. The Genevans perform a few concerts during Homecoming, a couple just before Christmas break and two to three after spring break. In the middle of the second semester, the choir goes on a spring tour. As a freshman, I missed the auditions for The Genevans, mostly because I was too nervous. A year later, I finally auditioned, was accepted into the choir and took part in something that I would never regret. If you’re looking for a place that provides spiritual upliftment, vocal growth and common place for fellowship, then I strongly suggest diving into an experience like no other with The Genevans Choir. You will not be disappointed.

#4.  Upper Room

What do Thursday nights, God, students and worship all have in common? They all apply to the weekly worship session called Upper Room. Thursday night’s Upper Room event is a time that students are welcome to come together to worship and hear the Word of God. This student led club is open for volunteer leaders to run tech, sing, play instruments, set up and pray for people during the service. Although not set in the traditional club setting, Upper Room is one of the clubs made available to students through the Center for Student Engagement. This night is an encouraging time for students to come as a community and worship God together.

#5.  Intramural Sports

Growing up, I went through different sports faster than you go through an ice cream cone on a hot day. At seven years old, I tried my hand at baseball until I learned that wearing a sweaty glove and dying of heat exhaustion in a field just wasn’t for me. By age ten, basketball was my sport until I realized that if I wanted to run from one side of a room to another while getting pushed around by a bunch of kids, I could just play tag with my siblings. I finally played volleyball which I enjoyed immensely, but like many people, I was not a pro at the sport, so I decided trying out for the college’s actual volleyball team would be pointless.

The moment I thought my days playing any type of sport were over, I discovered a wonderful thing at Geneva called intramural sports. Playing on an intramural team doesn’t require immense skill, hours of commitment or long practices. In fact, it’s a time that people can simply come together one night out of the week to have fun playing a sport in friendly competition with other students on campus free from the expectation or grueling anticipation of winning. As a college student myself, I know that during the semester, time is precious, but intramural sports are definitely something I would encourage others to spend a little of that extra time doing. Try it out and by the end, I dare you to be disappointed. 

With the dawning of a new semester, every single person has many first-time experiences awaiting them. There are so many people to see, places to go and things to do during your unique journey at college. College isn’t just about getting into class and getting out. Extracurricular activities are there for people to enjoy, for people to connect, for people to get a break from those long hours of homework. It gives them a time to breathe and enjoy the fellowship and community around them that Geneva has to offer. These opportunities don’t come with great expectations and relentless pursuit of success. They simply give you a place to learn, an environment to grow, and a time for God to lead you where He will. Opportunities do not demand a forced action from you, but they provide a chance to effectively make the most of the short time we have.

  • Abigail Forton ‘22