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April 19, 2016

Community Cultivated in Chapel

Wednesdays are a special day for Geneva College. If you walk around campus at the 10 o’clock hour on these days you’ll find nothing more than a ghost town; a reprieve from the typical bustle. Those swept up in the zeitgeist of the college will immediately know that this stillness is due to chapel. Wednesday mornings see Geneva students, faculty and staff cram into Metheny Fieldhouse. This is a great opportunity to come together to learn about and praise the Lord. And chapel is integral to our sense of community.

One of the things that makes Geneva such a unique place is the emphasis of community. By being on a small, Christ-centered campus, we have the ability to grow together spiritually, as well as physically, emotionally and socially. This allows us to dive deeper into the hopes, fears and struggles of our friends and peers than would be possible at a larger school.

If you ask alumni about what they miss the most about their Geneva experience, I am willing to bet that many will say the community that is fostered here. Chapel is an important source of that community.


Chapel unites our entire campus for the purposes of Christ. For one hour each week, students, faculty and staff come together to grow in the presence of the Lord. This experience gives us an opportunity to become congruent as a campus, which fortifies us in the face of our individual hardships.

The community that stems from this unity is truly one of a kind. Chapel forges our community’s spiritual identity and seeps into every action that takes place on campus. Geneva staples such as Student Activities, Intramurals, Quest Trips and Upper Room all are given life through the identity that is cultivated in chapel. Every interaction that we have with other students is influenced, whether we realize it or not, by the fellowship of chapel. The roles that we take, the work at which we toil and the lives that we touch all find their worth through the commitment that we as a campus make to Christ through chapel. 

There is real power in our Wednesday meetings. Our ability to congregate as a campus community to grieve, rejoice and learn together creates a bond in Christ that is not easily shaken. When events occur that affect any part of the Geneva community, chapel allows us to confront them together. Even the act of corporate prayer is a blessing that is rarely seen in higher education. We are never alone in our joy or sorrow.

As I near the end of my time at Geneva, I realize that I will soon enter a world that is largely hostile toward Christians. For the first time in four years, I will be on my spiritual journey without the network of support I have enjoyed during my time here. As I look forward, I understand the importance of centering my life around God’s Word and the people that strive to see it to fruition. So while you are here, don’t miss the impact that chapel has on your Geneva experience.

And if you are considering Geneva, know that the influence of chapel extends well beyond the allotted hour.

Brett Williams–Brett Williams ’16

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