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August 26, 2016

Cheers for Cloudy Days!

Geneva College is located in a little spot of paradise called Beaver Falls, 45 minutes from the city of Pittsburgh. This small town is no Seattle, yet it does see its fair share of grey days.  And let’s face it, no matter where you live, the sun doesn’t always shine!  To ward off any cloudy day blues, here are some ideas that can make glum days shine bright.

Change of Scenery

Sometimes, all people need is to change up their routine to pull them out of the grey-day-gloom. Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea is just a brief cross walk from Geneva’s campus. This small town coffee shop provides the perfect space for the afternoon study session. Rather than cramming yourself yet again between the walls of McCartney Library, or sitting on the high rise tables of Skye lounge, escape the white washed walls of the dorms, and enjoy a new atmosphere at the coffee shop.

Hike Brady’s

During the long days of studying and group projects, sometimes another cloudy day just adds weariness to each task.  It is hard to stay motivated and on track when the sun is not giving you extra energy and invigoration.  Take a brief break from the books, and make the seven minute drive to Brady’s Run.  Brady’s Run has many wooded trails to hike, a beach front, indoor ice skating, and pavilions for a picnic with the roommates.  

Explore Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is only 45 minutes from Geneva College and has a lot of free activities for the college budget.  Mark down all the festivals, concerts and sporting events on your calendar in the beginning of the year so that when those cloudy days strike, you can strike back with a trip to Pittsburgh.  Grab some friends so you can split the gas money, and let the memories be made.

It’s the little things

If the clouds roll in and you are like the average college student with no money or car, don’t worry.  Campus also provides many avenues to get a quick pick me up.  Pisgah, located two floors below The Brig, has a climbing wall that is always open for students to bring a friend and climb.  Another easy thing to do is to create your own fun.  Make a fort in your dorm room, and have a movie night.  Prank the room down the hall (shhh!) by putting all their belongings in the lounge.  Play hide and seek in the library.  And of course, there is always the option of painting the rock on campus.

Don’t let the clouds affect your day.  Seize every opportunity.  Make the most of your time at Geneva, and create your own sunshine!

Need more ideas? Check in with the Beaver County Tourism Bureau at or Visit Pittsburgh at  You’ll be surprised how much there is to do in the area!

Hannah ‘16