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July 22, 2016

What does the commuter life look like?

There are actually a large number of students who commute to Geneva College. They choose this route since many of them live in the area and prefer to save money by commuting from home. But what does that life look like? They may wonder; will I still meet people? Will I still be able to go to events? These are common questions that are asked by the incoming student who is wondering whether or not to commute.

What Does It Look Like to be a Commuter?

Many students report that the commuter life can be a good one at Geneva. Many of the commuters get to know one other by just seeing each other around campus or because they have the same spots to hang out during the day while they wait for the next class. Also, Geneva has recently made it a priority to get the commuters more involved on campus. They had a free commuter lunch, free hot cocoa, and free donuts sporadically throughout the semester for the commuters on campus.

Will I Make Friends?

Yes, there is no way (unless you don’t want friends) to walk on campus and not make friends at Geneva. One of the best things about Geneva College is its welcoming campus atmosphere. Once a student is on campus, it is hard to leave because of the friendly Geneva community. Often times, commuters will make friends with students, who live on campus, and in their down time, they will go to their friends’ rooms to hangout, do homework, or catch some shut eye before the next class.

Will I Miss Out on Campus Life?

Being a commuter often means the possibility of missing out on or not being aware of campus events. However, the CSE (Center for Student Engagement) Office has made it a priority to keep the commuters in the loop about campus activities. They even have special events just for the commuters, knowing it can be hard to make the trek to campus every day. Also, there are always posters placed around campus, especially in the Student Center, for students to check out the month’s events. Furthermore, there are often e-mails sent out to students on a weekly basis letting them know what events are coming up. (Always read your weekly F.Y.I.!). The commuter life is one that many students choose, and contrary to popular belief, commuters don’t have to miss out on campus activities. Also, professors are often understanding of commuter students who occasionally miss a class on account of weather or car malfunctions. On those days, just make sure to communicate with your instructors.

Now, step outside of your comfort zone, keep an eye out for those posters, make new friends, and have fun!
To get connected and learn more about campus activities, contact Geneva’s Center for Student Engagement Office at cse@geneva.edu or 724-847-6644.

-Hannah Beckhusen ‘16