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September 2, 2016

Count Your Pennies!

It is very common to get to the second half of the semester and already be worrying about the very low amount of flex points left on your account and the low balance notice that has been sitting in your unread emails for a week. So here are some ideas for living on the low college budget.

Student IDs

Student IDs are not just used for chapel attendance and meal swipes at Alex’s.  Many local businesses in the area offer student discounts or will even accept GC flex.  Make it a habit to find out if restaurants, clothing stores, electronics (laptops can be found cheaper when student ID is shown), movies, and a lot more offer student discounts.

To Use or Not to Use Credit

There are many college students who fall into credit card debt.  Trust me; you do not want to be one of them.  On top of your student loan payments, do not add credit card debt to the pile.

Either learn to pay off what you use right away, or do not have a credit card at all.  Having a credit card does not give you free money, and it can certainly do more harm than good if not handled correctly.

No Car, No problem!

Yes, it’s true; having a car is often linked to freedom in the United States.  However, it is an unnecessary expense to have at Geneva College.  Unless you are absolutely in need of one because of student teaching or the GC Affiliate Program with the Art Institute (and even then you can usually car pool), you do not have to have one.

Geneva College has everything you need within walking distance. You will save money by avoiding maintenance fees, insurance and even gas.

If you are really worried about being “stuck,” there are always people who have cars on campus.  Many are willing to take along passengers (especially if you are willing to pitch in gas money).

Get a Campus Job

There are many opportunities for work on Geneva’s Campus including Alex’s, The Brig, Riverview, tutoring and even running stats at home games.  Even though the job may only pay minimum wage with you only working a couple of hours a week, it will still help to pay for shampoo, ice cream and the occasional night out with friends.

Fewer Night Outs to Town

Now, I am not about to take away all of your fun times, but try to either take fewer trips out to Pittsburgh, or make your own free fun.  Some of the best memories in college are not the night where you spent $50 dollars at the Cheesecake Factory but rather, the picnic on Memorial Lawn with bagels, cheese and lots of laughs or when you were all too broke to go to the driving range so you made up the GC campus golf course instead.

This list of ideas is just to help out the ever-growing number of broke college students, who are not sure how to handle budgeting.  You may be able to add your own ideas to the list!

To diligently seek a low-debt college experience, contact Geneva’s Financial Aid Office at or 724-847-6530.

-Hannah Beckhusen ‘16