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February 28, 2017

Top 5 Faith-Based Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

The weekend is finally here, and you and your friends are hoping to relax with a film that simultaneously entertains and expands your faith. Christian-themed titles do exist on Netflix, so be sure to check out one of the following flicks the next time you host movie night:

Heaven's Door

Starring Charisma Carpenter and Dean Cain, Heaven's Door details the story of a teenager who nearly dies and goes to heaven. She initially uses her ensuing gift of healing for personal gain, but is eventually chastised by her grandmother. A change of heart convinces her to use her gifts to heal others, but sadly, she takes on the conditions that cause her loved ones pain. Watch the film to see how she is eventually transformed through God's healing.

Joseph & Mary

A powerful biblical drama, Joseph & Mary tells the compelling story of Jesus' earthly parents, along with the fictional story of a rabbi named Elijah. Some people take issues with the creative license that this film takes, but the message it delivers is powerful.

Once I Was a Beehive

If you've ever attended Bible camp, you will be hit by major nostalgia when you watch Once I Was a Beehive on Netflix. You'll also find the film relatable if you've experienced mixed feelings after seeing a parent or other loved one remarry. This is exactly what happens in Once I Was a Beehive; the film's protagonist can't handle her mother remarrying after her father's death, but after reluctantly visiting Bible camp, she's able to move on with the help of her new friends.


Few films capture the idea of God working in mysterious ways better than Unconditional, a film based on the real story of Joe Bradford. A woman strives to take matters into her own hands after her husband is killed, but things change as she slowly begins to regain her faith. This film can be tough to watch at times, but it ultimately offers a very rewarding experience.

Joseph: King of Dreams

You're never too old to enjoy animated films, especially when they speak important truths about Christianity. Joseph: King of Dreams is the perfect flick for a light-hearted evening with loved ones. The film demonstrates Joseph's dreams and how they guide him through life. The film's score is excellent and will have you tapping your toes and humming the catchy melodies long after you've seen the movie.

Film has the power to enlighten, inspire, and of course, entertain. Add the movies highlighted above to your queue and get ready for a faith and fun-filled evening.

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