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April 29, 2016

Finding a Local Church

The student body at Geneva represents over 60 denominations, which adds to the spiritual richness and diversity of the campus community. Geneva encourages students to connect with one of the many churches in the area while they are living on campus or nearby.

It has been my experience and observation over the past three years of being a student here that church is the focal point of the week for a majority of the campus. Coming from a Reformed Baptist background, I was immediately drawn to the College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church in Beaver Falls, PA, where a good number of Geneva students, faculty and their families attend every week.

College Hill reformed Presbyterian Church

As I started making new friends who came from different church backgrounds, I was opened up to the possibility of experiencing denominations that I hadn’t even heard of before. I visited Grace Community Church in Cranberry, PA, with a few friends. There, I worshipped for the first time with more than 100 people. Some other churches I have visited that are well attended by Geneva students every week are:

  • Chippewa Alliance Church in Chippewa
  • Eastvale Reformed Presbyterian Church in Eastvale
  • Northway Christian Community in Wexford
  • Pathway Church in Chippewa
  • Saint Cecilia Church in Rochester
  • Soma Gathering in Beaver Falls

The number of churches in the Beaver Valley and greater Pittsburgh areas is amazing—so amazing, in fact, that many Geneva students find a church community soon after they start attending Geneva. Some churches even provide transportation for students who have no other way of getting to there on Sunday morning.  And students are encouraged in the classroom, on the field or court, in clubs and in the residence halls to find a local church and become part of its Christian community.  

Celia HarrisCelia Harris ’16

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