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November 11, 2017

The Notebook: Finding Your Love at Geneva College

The Welcome Week girl that catches your eye right away, the homecoming jock that points at you after scoring his first touchdown, and the late-night Sheetz run that turns into something more…there is a running phrase that can be heard muttered around campus, “Ring by spring.”

This once-joking phrase, said between classmates as they make jabs at their dating friends, has turned into more of a reality in Geneva graduates. Professors are now spending their summers attending students’ weddings, and classmates are scrambling around making road trips across the country to attend all of their roommates’ weddings.

So, the questions must be asked: How can I find my love at Geneva College?  Does everyone graduate with a ring on their finger?  What happens to the ones who don’t?

How can I find my love at Geneva College?

In the recent surveys done by the very dedicated, GC women’s swim team, they found three overarching, common denominators when it came to finding a guaranteed path to wedding bells:

  1. Welcome Week Is Key: Yes, it is true. During the first week of school, when you are meeting all of the people, who you will spend the next 4 years with in group projects, attending chapel, and exchanging Bible notes, you will also probably, most likely, without a doubt, at least, come across your future spouse.
  2. Sheetz Is A Must: That’s right; throw away the homemade cookies made with unending love by your mom, and go on a Sheetz run. It could be the Sheetz run that changes your life forever, but it most definitely won’t be your last Sheetz run.
  3. Bibles Quotes Are In: Whenever possible, as far as it depends on you, throw in a Bible verse, reference, or biblical character trait into your conversation. If you are able to use the Proverbs 31 woman as a reference daily, your odds rise 0.31 percent in getting that ring.

Does Everyone Graduate with a Ring?


Unfortunately, that is not true.  Many are plucked, but still, some remain hands barren and hearts broken. Now, this may seem like a very sad thing; yet, single ladies and gents, take heart!  After all, who would catch the bride’s flowers at the wedding? And, gents, this means another day spent getting to be the person you always wanted to be in Minecraft.

Every 1 in 3 (another swim team stat) Geneva College graduates will indeed graduate tied to another by the end of their Geneva career. The few, the proud, and the very much unengaged stand together, knowing that celibacy is indeed a gift.

What happens to the Ones That Don’t?

Well, they slowly sink into oblivion having missed their golden opportunity to find the one person who would follow them through life.  They sit by the window reminiscing about the days when they took two girls to Sheetz (one was their younger sister and the other their roommate’s girlfriend) or when, at the football game, they cheered so furiously at those maroon Wolverines and fell over the railing onto the cheerleaders, and lastly, when they finally talked to their crush in the food line at Alex's.  

Do not turn into one of those people, Geneva College student!  Make every moment count!  Do not wait because one day you may find yourself walking across the stage, diploma in hand, wondering what it was all for.

-Hannah Beckhusen ‘16