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March 3, 2016

The First and The Last

My first semester of college was tough. I came in knowing no one. I had never been to western Pennsylvania, I hadn’t visited Geneva before I committed and I had never actually attended a “real school” before (shout out to all of my homeschoolers in the crowd)! I was afraid of everyone. I was worried about whom to make friends with. Professors were scary people who gave me homework and made me take exams. Who had time for extracurricular activities when I had so much reading to do for the introductory Bible class? The first semester of college was tough.

During my first semester of college, I was trying to figure out “who I was.” (I know, that sounds very new-agey.) I was learning what it was like to be a college student in America, since I had been a high school student in Asia. I was learning that I didn’t like writing for the newspaper as much as I had dreamed, that I loved theater but couldn’t commit to the hours, and that my high school struggle with algebra would carry over into college. I was trying new things, trying to figure out what I liked and didn’t like. Essentially, I was trying to discover “Mikayla Covington.”

Three years later, I am now in the middle of my last semester of college. I can at least recognize most people on campus. And I’m not afraid. Why should I be? I’ve been with these people for three years. Turns out, I made plenty of friends –some of whom I never would have suspected. Professors are people who eat lunch with me and poke fun at my ever-changing hair color. I still have homework and exams; but by now, I know how those go. I know now that a person can truly survive on just five hours of sleep a night.

During my last semester of college, I have a better understanding of who I am. People are constantly changing, but at least I’ve been enlightened a little bit. I know now that I have a special knack for writing, that I’m not afraid of public speaking, and that I excelled in my public relations courses. I found my niche, and I ran with it. A vague interest in talking to people led me to being vice president of the Public Relations Student Society of America. My interest in integrated media has led to getting to work with other departments. I’m helping a professor plan special performances and putting together pieces for that, just because I like to.  I found the things I’m good at. I’m busy, and I love it.

My last semester of college is different from my first. People change during their time at college. I know I did! I’m busier now than I was that first semester because I know what I’m good at and what I like doing (even though they aren’t necessarily the same things). I’m now friends with the people and professors that scared me at the beginning. Instead of receiving “freshman orientation” pamphlets in my mailbox, I’m receiving graduation registration forms and senior gift options.

But if I had to point out the most surprising difference between my first and my last semesters of college, it would be this. In 2013, I was merely a social coffee-drinker. This morning, I ordered “the largest iced caramel macchiato you can make.” 

Iced Coffee

–Mikayla Covington’16

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