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August 22, 2016

How does being a Christian Athlete change the game?

Student athletes make up one-third of the student body at Geneva College. However, many of these young men and women come in not knowing what it is like to be on a team that walks into every game giving God the glory no matter the outcome.

Putting the Christian in front of athlete

One common characteristic of incoming athletes is that they know their sport but they don’t know what it means to put Christ into their sport.

Geneva has always been a Christ-centered college since it started back in 1848 when it first opened its doors as a seminary.  It has undergone a lot of changes since then, but one thing that has always stayed consistent is its Christ-centered attitude toward everything that it does, including athletics.  

One important activity that happens throughout the year on the fields of Geneva College is prayer before and after games. Whether it is a win or a loss, Geneva athletes turn to Christ in prayer because they play for more than another win.  They play to give testimony to Christ.

The Geneva Women’s Soccer team is just one of many teams that will invite their competitors to join them in prayer regardless of the outcome.  During the years, this has grown to be such a testimony that many of the teams who used to refuse to join them now automatically walk to the center of the field right after the post-match wishes of “good game” to bow their heads in prayer.

More than just on the field

Many of the Geneva College teams have made it a priority to not just play together on the field but to also have Bible studies throughout the school year with their teammates.  Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis, to name just a few, have captain-led Bible studies for their teammates to attend during season and throughout the entire school year.  Because for Geneva student-athletes, it is far more important to seek after God then to run another sprint.

Fellowship for Christian Athletes

One of the most influential clubs on campus since its start just a couple of years ago is FCA, Fellowship for Christian Athletes.  This group of students has made it their goal to be more present with their faith on and off the field. They can be seen going to different home games to support their fellow athletes, no matter the sport, to cheer them on. Every Thursday night, after the last class of the day, they meet up to re-focus themselves on Christ.  FCA has been changing the culture of Geneva by connecting the student-athletes more as a whole than individual teams.

Whether it is on the field through prayer, attending a team Bible study, or going to the FCA meetings and events, student-athletes at Geneva may come to campus unsure about what it means to put Christ first, but they soon find out what it looks like at Geneva College.

If you are a student-athlete and have questions regarding Geneva’s athletics programs, contact the Athletics Department at 724-847-6650 or browse the Geneva College website at

-Hannah Beckhusen ‘16