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September 9, 2017

Looking Back on Senior Year: Some Advice for Seniors

Everyone says time flies in your senior year, and sure enough, time does really fly by in senior year more than any other year. Even though it may not seem like it when you are in the midst of preparing for your poli-sci debate, before you know it, you will be standing up in front of Dr. Neikirk wishing that the hardwood floors of Old Main would somehow give way and take you with them.

Homecoming will be a mess of gold t-shirts and alumni telling you how good you have it now. Midnight Madness costumes are going to be even more creative than last year. Film Fest will be a blur of corny Geneva puns, black ties, and half off appetizers at Applebee’s.

After Christmas break, you will hit campus in a full-on sprint, wondering how it got to this point without you having any job prospects. Every weekend, from then on, there will be another Geneva College engagement or break up, and either way, emotions are on edge. You will never know whether the next text will be a picture of a ring with the caption, “FINALLY,” or a picture of an empty tub of ice cream.  So, here are some things that I learned:

The last year at Geneva goes by fast

Homework, student teaching, internships, and job applications are all going to pile up and pull at your time, but make time for your friends. Yes, even if you are in a serious relationship, make sure you are making time for the bros that stuck by your side during freshman year when you thought cargo shorts were still in. Seriously though, write things down, plan weekends, set aside movie nights, because before you know it, the next time you will see them is when you help them pack for their move across the country when they finally land the job that they wanted.

Everyone is beyond stressed!

Everyone is just as stressed, scared, and overwhelmed as you are.  It does not matter if you are an engineer, business, or biblical studies major.  It’s the same if you are planning a wedding or are in six weddings come summer or have a job interview lined up.  All seniors are feeling the pressure of the impending launch into the real world. So, do not try to play the game of "out stressing the senior next you" because there is no winner. Instead, take time out, and pray with your fellow senior.  Yes, it may be 3 a.m. in the engineering lab, and you still have no idea how to work out the equation, but you will never regret praying.

Live in the Moment

Yes, as cliché as that sounds, it is something I wish I had done more of my senior year. Do not try to multitask by bringing your notes with you to Alex’s, running through flashcards during halftime of the football game, or writing two more sentences for your Bible 300 paper between watching your favorite show with your roommates. Instead, be in every moment.

Turn your phone off in the library, and finish that paper before you leave so that you can enjoy every moment of being with your friends while watching the show. Do not cheat your friends out of one of the final Alex’s meals you will share together by bringing notes along; you will not actually gain that much more by letting your notes get hot sauce on them. Leave the flashcards on your desk, and watch the halftime show. Who knows the next time you will get to watch your friend’s face turn into a tomato as you yell their name as loud as you can when things get quiet? Live in every moment.

Rejoice with those who are rejoicing

Romans 12: 15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn,” is going to be more applicable than ever during your senior year. There are going to be lots of engagements, and people are going to get great jobs; however, there are also going to be the two years of dating break-ups and rejection letter after rejection letter from the dream job companies. Be genuinely excited for your friends and co-seniors when those engagements happen, and they finally get a job. Getting a job and deciding to marry your best friend are wonderful things. Put yourself in their shoes, lay aside the woe-is-me, I-am-single-and-homeless attitude, and take part in the joy.

That being said, there will be nights when you will need to be there for a friend, who got the fifth rejection email that week, because even though the world has not actually gone to pieces, it has for them. Rejoice and mourn because the path of life comes with many unexpected turns.

Senior year is a wonderful time. Take advantage of all your friends being in one place at one time. Enjoy the moments, pray, and know that everyone else is feeling all the emotions of senior year as well.

- Hannah ‘16