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October 2, 2015

Five Easy Ways to Rest and Refocus

The hype of being back on campus and back with friends is beginning to fade as we come upon the first round of exams. It is around this time that we begin to wish it was summer again. We begin to reminisce about the fun times we had and we start making plans to visit our friends from high school, our summer coworkers, and our fellow camp counselors.

In the midst of an often stressful and overwhelming workload, we wonder how we will ever make it through the year. Time to rest and refocus becomes essential. Those who find it will learn to approach their work motivated and energized.

Here are five easy ways to rest and refocus:

1. Break routine

We all have an innate desire to explore! One easy way to re-motivate yourself is to go somewhere new! Sit down in that scenic location with a book. Walk to that local coffee shop. Get out of your room and into the sun (or at least to a location where caffeine is easily accessible)!

2. Write, Write, Write, Write, Write

Don’t think, just write. Write what you see, feel and think. Write down everything in your head. It will be easier to sort through it all when you can see it.

3. Get moving

Go for a walk. Invite your friends to do a 10-minute workout in the hallway of your residence hall. Try a new yoga instructional video. Get to the gym. Walking away from your work for a short time is one of the best ways to refocus.

4. Laugh

Take a “laugh break.” Watch some SNL. Check out Vine. Laughter is renewing for your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Don’t expect to experience joy if you are not taking time to have fun!

5. Help someone with their work

When you can’t focus on your own work, it may be time to take a break to edit someone else’s paper, quiz a friend on their flashcards or buy someone a cup of coffee. Remember that you live in community for a reason. Take part in encouraging someone else in their learning and it may motivate and encourage you in your own!

You are not alone. You are capable of great work. Take care of yourself and you will find yourself free to enjoy the learning process.


—Kate Krieger, Graduate Assistant for Community Engagement

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