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March 24, 2016

What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

A common dilemma that student-athletes like me run into is the post-season lull. You’ve finished your season that has taken up most of your extra time and all of your social life and you don’t know what to do with yourself! You might be catching up on lost sleep or being updated by your non-athletic regular person (NARP) friends on all of the activities that you’ve missed out on . So, what now? What are you supposed to do now that you have all this free time on your hands? Well, here are a few of the ways that students at Geneva College connect into the social network on campus.

Join a club - There are over 25 clubs on campus that include pretty much any type of academic, community service or athletic activity imaginable! If you’re feeling ambitious, join the Dagohir Club and get your contact sport on! Or, if you’re wanting a change of pace from the rigors of athleticism, join the English Club and be a part of the inspiration of the Geneva Reading Series! Whatever you’re interested in doing when you have nothing to do, Geneva clubs have you covered. Just check out http://www.geneva.edu/cse/leadership-development/clubs for club listings and descriptions.

Hang out at the Brig – You may already know this, but the Brig is the one place on campus where the most student traffic merges through.  If you’re wanting to see people and catch up, the Brig is the most likely place that you’ll run into them. It’s also the perfect place to socialize and get your homework done simultaneously! Grab a coke and some snacks, and get ready to reemerge yourself into civilization at the Brig.

Go to Alex’s with your NARP friends – You may have spent the past four months eating your meals at Alex’s with your teammates, but have you thought about having a meal with some of your NARP friends? This would be a great time for you to catch up on the Geneva happenings as well as meeting all the new friends that your NARP friends made in your social absence.

Play Intramurals – If you’re having team withdrawals, sign up for an intramural sport and get back in the game! If you are not an in-season athlete, you are permitted to play on an intramural sport. From flag football to volleyball and even ping pong, the Center for Student Engagement has you covered! For intramural listings and signups, visit http://www.geneva.edu/cse/student-activities/intramurals.

Rent some movies – If what you need to recharge is some down time, check out the movie selection at McCartney Library! They have over a thousand movie titles that are available for students to rent out for a week or more with a renewal! Make a Sheetz run for some grub and cuddle up to watch a flick or two!

There are countless possibilities on Geneva’s campus to get involved, be entertained, and to make new friends. You just have to be willing to put yourself out into the community to reap the benefits that Geneva offers. The choice is yours, but remember that there is always something to do when you have nothing to do!

—Celia Harris '16 Celia Harris

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