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July 28, 2017

Tips For Student-Athletes

Being a student-athlete is a challenge, but it is also a fun and rewarding task. It can be difficult to find and maintain a healthy balance between faith, academics and athletics, and it can be hard to focus on classes when an important game, race or match is quickly approaching on your schedule. However, finding the right balance can greatly improve your overall ability as both a student and an athlete, and it can improve your experience in college as a whole. Here are five tips that can help college student-athletes.

  1. Get a planner

This is a big help with organizing time and assignments. Write down when you will be in class, the assignments for each class and when you will be at practice. This helps with budgeting the rest of the time to get work done or relax. It is also really helpful for those of us who tend to forget deadlines and assignments.

  1. Get work done before practice.

After organizing the time for class and practice, it is good to use the free time before practice to get schoolwork done. Instead of using this time to nap, socialize or play games, use it to focus on school work rather than continuing to put it off until night. This way, after practice there will be fewer priorities, and evenings and nights will be more open and free, a reward for all of your hard work.

  1. Make sleep a priority

Aside from putting in the work during the practices, this is one of the other more important things that can make or break your season. It is easy to think that four or five hours are enough, but while the effects of a lack of sleep may not be felt immediately, it takes a toll over time. Also, you can’t “catch up” with sleep on the weekends; it is a cumulative thing. If you are consistently getting very little sleep, that one night when you get 12 hours won’t account for the many nights you don’t.

  1. Enjoy the victories

A lot of times, we hear the importance of learning from the tough times, getting stronger after adversity, and coming back from a tough loss. Those are all incredibly true and important points, but what can get lost in this is the fact that we ought to celebrate and rejoice in the victories. Use these as a confidence boost or motivation for future athletic events, or even use them as motivation for getting through a tough week of classes. Either way, do not forget to enjoy the victories with which God has blessed you!

  1. Always give glory to God

When it comes to balancing your faith and athletics, it is important to thank the Lord for your accomplishments and give Him the glory for success. It can be a hard balance, and that’s why consistently thanking the Lord for what He has allowed you to do keeps Him first in your life.

Geneva College fields 16 NCAA Division III athletic teams and integrating faith in Christ and physical training / competition is a foundational belief here. To learn more about Geneva Golden Tornado Athletics, visit the website. Interested in information about attending Geneva? Contact or 800.847.8255.

- Andrew Domencic ‘19