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November 25, 2015

Top 7 Apps for College Students – or Those Getting Ready for College

There just does not seem to be enough time for it all when you have a full schedule of classes, projects and assignments pending. What can a student do to get the most out of the college experience and stay on top of so many demands? Apps make it easy to use your mobile devices to help you to do more. There are a number of apps out there that can help lighten the load and organize your time. You might just have time for a personal life after all with these top apps. is an application that helps students to organize and prioritize their tasks. This is important with looming deadlines. The app can be synchronized across all of your devices with the list accessible and able to be changed no matter where you decide to work or what you decide to tackle. is your to-do list on the go.


With all of the places you work and for when those eureka moments strike, notes and coursework can always be found with Dropbox. Videos, documents and photos can be uploaded to their cloud and are accessible whenever you need them. Items can be stored and even shared with friends with this cloud-based storage system.

 Top apps for college students


The no-think solution for your citations. Essay writing and research papers need not be such a frustration, when references can be easily cited simply using the book’s title. The MLA or APA style is implemented for you with EasyBib.

Google Drive

The Google Drive application connects to your mobile phone and stores the seemingly ever-growing number of Google Docs that you need for your studies. Access them anywhere and at any time with Google Drive.

With food, books, miscellaneous and personal needs, it is easy to rack up big bills and have to scramble to pay it all off. helps students become more financially aware of how they spend their money. You can view credit cards, savings and checking accounts, adding and categorizing your expenses within this convenient app. Stay within your budget with and even discover a few areas where you can save for a bit of fun.


Download iHomework for only $1 and organize readings, assignments, schedules, courses and more. If you easily lose track of active items like these, set the alarms to alert you of deadlines for upcoming homework assignments. No more excuses.


When does your college library close? Do you work all day with a schedule of evening courses that make it virtually impossible to physically get the study materials that you need? BenchPrep is your downloadable course library providing material for graduate and professional exams. Get the study lessons, flashcards, practice questions and in-app purchases when you need them and ace your LSAT, GMAT or MCAT.

Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Use today’s technology to help you get ahead in your learning and be ready to meet the future head-on.