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August 5, 2016

What is the Geneva AIP Affiliate Program

What is the Geneva Affiliate Program with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh?

If you are a student who dabbles in the finer things of life, such as the arts, the Geneva Affiliate program with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh may be the way to go.  A great opportunity at Geneva is the one-year program that students in the Visual Communications major can do their junior year at Geneva.  The Affiliate Program introduces students to a one-year experience at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP).  At the AIP, students can specialize in Advertising, Entertainment Design, Fashion Design, Fashion and Retail Management, Game Art and Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Media Arts and Animation, Photography, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, and Web Design and Interactive Media.  

Enrolled students come out of the program having learned from professors who have been in the field for years, used the latest technology, and have connections to businesses in Pittsburgh within their field of study.

How Does the Geneva Affiliate Program Work?

Students enrolled in the Affiliate Program at the AIP will spend their junior year attending the Art Institute, which runs on quarters instead of semesters.  This means the student will spend three quarters at the AIP, which will be equivalent to two semesters at Geneva.

The program includes 45 quarter hours which will transfer as 30 semester credit hours.  The hours are credited toward an independent major.  Prior to attending the Art Institute, students will complete a total of 12 credit hours in visual communications at Geneva. 

Qualified students will have completed two years, 58-64 credits, at Geneva and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  They must have received approval from their Department Chairperson and Academic Advisor.  Following the completion of the junior year option, the student will return to Geneva for completion of senior year and graduation requirements. 

Students completing 30 credits through the affiliate program may be given credit for a minor or a concentration depending on the student′s major.  Students should discuss this option with their Academic Advisor.

What Types of Classes can One Take at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh?

The student can select the specialization.  This includes: Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Culinary, Videography, Game Design, etc.  During the first quarter, there will be beginner level classes on the newest software programs that one should be using for their specialty, such as the Create Suite.  Some of the classes that are offered are Web Scripting, Typography, Photoshop, Design 1, etc.  The second quarter will be spent with more advanced classes, and the final quarter will be spent making sure that the student has projects for their portfolio to show employers after college.

How Does This Program Benefit the Student?

The Affiliate Program is wonderful because it offers the students who want to pursue a career in a field such as Graphic Design, Photography and Web Design an opportunity to learn from professors with technical and practical experience in the fields, to use the most recent and up-to-date software programs, and to create connections in the art world.  Also, it provides an avenue where the students can round out their practical education at Geneva College and hone in on their specialty.  This provides a student with a well-rounded background due to Geneva’s liberal arts core and Christ-centered curriculum, along with finely tuned art skills due to the AIP training. This equips a student for faithful and fruitful service in the working world.

What Kinds of Careers Can Result From This Program?

Visual Communications or Independent Studies are the two majors that can result from a one-year program with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Depending on the specialization, one can be either a Graphic Designer or Photographer, get into the film industry, work the food network, and much more.  Previous students have gone on to become Graphic Designers for companies, starting their own photography businesses, and becoming executives in different businesses.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is a fantastic way to step out, be creative, and earn credits toward your major all at the same time.  To delve into the many opportunities at AIP, contact Geneva’s Admissions Office at admissions@geneva.edu or 800-847-8255. I did myself – and I haven’t regretted it!

Also, look for my next blog: A Year at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

-Hannah Beckhusen ‘16