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January 29, 2016

Benefits of Enrolling in College Courses While in High School

Senioritis started to hit me when I was going into my last year of high school. But one thing that really helped me avoid it was participating in an early college/dual enrollment program. I took a few classes that counted for both high school and college credits. This motivated me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus, taking college classes confirmed my choice of a major.

There are many benefits to enrolling in college courses while still in high school. Here are four of the many great things early college/dual enrollment has to offer:

First, you have more options. Colleges offer a much wider variety of courses, as well as courses more specific to your interests. Rather than taking classes just to fill a period, enrolling in college courses gives you broader opportunities. Many students are realizing how valuable this is. Since 2003, there has been an annual 7% growth rate of students registering in early college/dual enrollment programs. The number of high schools that offer a dual enrollment program has also drastically increased in the last decade.

Second, you are more motivated. Taking part in early college/dual enrollment programs increases students’ chances of graduating and attending college. High school students taking college course tend to become more interested in their classes, resulting in better grades and greater incentive to graduate and go on to college. For students already planning on attending college, earning some credits before graduate builds confidence for college.

Third, you are better prepared for college. Taking college courses while still in high school allows you to transition to a new academic environment and adjust to the increased course loads before being fully immersed into college life. You have a better idea of how to handle college classes. Studies have shown that students enrolled in early college/dual enrolment courses have higher GPAs in college compared to students who did not participate in such programs. The likelihood of continuing to a second year of college also increases by 17% for these students. 

Fourth, you save time and money. Early college/dual enrollment courses are often offered at a discounted rate. Also, many students are better able to stay on track to graduate on time—or even graduate early—because they got ahead while in high school. According to, most college students change their major at least once. Being ahead allows more flexibility. If you need to take more classes, add a minor or switch your major, you can do so without having to worry as much about not graduating on time. Plus being ahead opens up your schedule so that you don’t have to cram in 18 credits every semester.

Early College

On top of these awesome benefits, taking college courses is fun!

Geneva has a great academically excellent, Christ-centered and affordable early college/dual enrollment program, with online, on-campus options, as well as partnerships with several Christian high schools! For more information about Geneva’s dual enrollment program, contact Geneva’s Center for Enriched Learning at or 724-847-6891. 

—Kelsey Robinson ’17

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