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July 28, 2022

What Is Welcome Week?

Looking forward to coming to Geneva? Absolutely! Ready to make new friends and start a new life on campus? Yes! Prepared for moving in, getting your schedule in order, and orientation? Well... maybe not. That’s why Geneva College hosts Welcome Week, to help incoming students like you feel confident about transitioning into college life. Welcome Week exists to guide you through the process of becoming a Geneva student with ease, and I’m here to guide you through what Welcome Week will look like!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022, is the first day of Welcome Week, and it’s all about moving in and meeting new people. The morning will consist of making sure you have all your papers and ID card. After that, you’ll be shown to your dorm which will be in one of Clark, Memorial, Pierce, or McKee Halls.  If you’re commuting, there’s still a welcome for you too! Make sure to check in so you can have your papers squared away and meal tickets for the week. The rest of the day is dedicated to meeting new people like your RA, mentors, and Learning and Transition Group.

Thursday is the time to learn more about your major and explore campus! Start looking forward to meeting new people, free food and Geneva swag. Friday includes similar activities where you also get to spend time with your learning and transition mentor. The Golden Gala happens on Friday evening, so be sure to pack something nice to wear for the formal event!

Saturday is a day to learn about Beaver Falls, its history, assets, and places for growth. There will be a block party in the evening and a showing of the 2022 Geneva Film Fest films on the lawn afterwards. Lastly, on Sunday Geneva hosts Church with a Friend, a way for incoming students to discover new churches with some help from upperclassmen.

Throughout this entire week be looking out for all the free activities, food, and swag coming your way! If you’d like to learn more about Welcome Week and how to prepare for it, head on over to:  https://www.geneva.edu/cse/first-year-experience/welcome-week to get all the information you need. Looking forward to seeing you there!