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October 10, 2022

What To Expect At An Open House

Open Houses are a great opportunity for prospective students to come to campus to experience all that the college has to offer and receive more insight than when they would on just a campus tour alone. Geneva’s Open Houses begin at 9:00 AM and conclude at 3 PM. Here is what one can expect when attending a Geneva College Open House.

1.  Meet the President

 Students will have the opportunity to meet with President Troup and hear firsthand why he loves Geneva.

2.  Campus Tour

A guide will take students all around Geneva’s campus and inform them about the buildings, Residence Life, and answer any questions visitors may have about campus life.

3.  Learn about Geneva’s History and Campus Culture

Geneva’s mission is “student-focused, emphasizing Christ, comprehensive education, and service to God and neighbor,” therefore visitors will be informed about Geneva’s mission, vision, and seal, along with the meaning behind Pro Christo et Patria.

4.  Insights into the Financial Aid Process

96% of Geneva students rely on Financial Aid. Geneva knows the importance of communicating the aid process and potential scholarship opportunities available for all prospective students. We work diligently to make a Geneva education accessible and affordable to all students. On each visit, we take time to discuss Geneva’s value and all options a student has to make college possible. Visitors will receive advice on applying for and managing financial aid packages.

5.  Interact with Current Students

Current Geneva students value a connected community and love taking part in Open House events. They are often excited to meet prospective students. Having current students at the Open House also leaves an opportunity for prospective students to ask questions about campus life, classes, and more!

6. Meet with Athletic Coaches

Athletic coaches are present at Open Houses, giving prospective student-athletes an opportunity to get to know them, ask any questions about the athletics on campus, and insight into what is to come should they choose to pursue being an athlete at Geneva College.

7. Ask Questions

Attending an Open House is a great opportunity to ask questions and receive an answer right away. Geneva students, faculty, and staff are known for their hospitality and will answer any questions that prospective students and parents or guardians may have about Geneva College.


So many of our students find out they belong here after coming to campus. Ryan Eisenhuth ’23, described it this way, saying, “At first I was not excited to visit Geneva’s campus, but the second I stepped on campus I fell in love.” Ryan is now close to graduation, and is so thankful for the professors, experience, and community he found here. Coming to campus could be the next step of your journey.

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-Ariel Reece '23