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College Preparation
July 26, 2017

How to Get the Advantages of a Campus Visit

Coming to college can be an exciting but intimidating experience for freshmen. It is a new place, sometimes hundreds — or even thousands — of miles from home, and there may not be anyone at the college you know. It is hard to be completely prepared for what college will be like, but one of the best ways to get ready is by visiting. Researching schools and talking on the phone to admissions counselors is great, but there are many opportunities you can only get by traveling to a campus. Here’s how to get the advantages of a college visit.

Sitting in on a class

If you want to know more about the academics of your college and what a college class is like, then sitting in on a class is a good idea. Some classes will have a large number of people, which is uncommon in a typical high school setting. Experiencing this for the first time without first day jitters will allow you to get more acquainted with that structure without pressure, as well as acquaint you with academic life at college in general.

Meeting with professors in your major

The professors in your major are more likely to teach the classes you’ll be taking, so meeting them gives you an opportunity to ask them questions about a number of the courses you'll be taking. You will also get to know them a bit before the classes actually start, and it’s a great way to feel more comfortable at a college.

Checking out some of the groups/clubs on campus

There are a wide variety of clubs offered at college that you might be interested in. Talk to some people at the college and find out what they have. These clubs present the opportunity for you to be in a group of people that share your interests, and you will make friends in a new, big place.                                   

Meeting the team or interest group

As a student-athlete, getting to meet your coaches and your teammates is a great opportunity. If you are into other extracurricular activities, meet your group’s director, advisor, and other members. These are people you will see just about every day, and getting to know them and acquiring a feel for how your team or group operates is a huge advantage. Just make sure you request to meet with specific coaches and staff when you set up the visit and well before you arrive. They can get busy and you wouldn't want to miss a chance to connect due to scheduling issues.

Campus tour

A campus tour is a great way to explore a college and get a feel for what it will be like going to school there. There are many facilities at colleges you may find interesting, and this is a great way to check them out. The tour guides are often great resources about the things the campus brochure doesn’t cover. Prepare some good, behind-the-scenes questions for them.

Staying overnight

This is an enhanced version of the campus tour. While touring the campus will give you a general idea of what the college is like, staying overnight will simulate what living on campus would be like. You will get to talk to more people at the college while staying in an on-campus apartment or dorm and, thereby, get more perspectives.

Visiting the local area

A visit to the local area ties in with the overnight stay because being on campus longer may increase your opportunity to visit the local area. When you’re at college, you are not just living on its campus — you are also living in the community surrounding that campus. By visiting a college, you can take a look at the local area and what it has to offer. Check out some of the restaurants, coffee shops or other businesses around the college that can enhance your experience living there.

At Geneva College, there are a number of ways to experience campus, including personal visits, which can be set up at a convenient time for you, open houses, and major exploration days. Our Visit page,, has more information including a current schedule. We look forward to hosting you –, 800-847-8255.

- Andrew Domencic ‘19