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College Preparation
September 16, 2015

Things to do before you arrive on campus

The first week of classes arrives sooner than you think. Here are several steps to take before you arrive on campus. Give it a read and start preparing!

1. Write some thank you notes.

You have accomplished a lot to get to this point in your life, but most likely you would not be here if it were not for the efforts of several people who have supported you one way or another. You may even have received some money in graduation cards so go ahead and put some thank you’s in the mail. And send them a letter – not a text or Facebook message – but a letter. Trust me, they will appreciate it.

2. Make a packing list.

Even if you aren’t a list person, go with a list on this one. Start with the large categories: academics, clothes, snack food, room décor. From there, start adding specific items to the list. This will help alleviate the stress of actually packing. Also, make sure to check out our “5 Things You Will Definitely Need In Your Dorm Room” and add them to the list too.

3. Contact your roommate.

Some of the best times in college are with your roommate. Take the initiative to contact your roommate and start the relationship off right. If you can start a conversation early you will have something to talk about while you move in. Wondering what you would talk about? Here are some conversation starters: What are you bringing for the room? What time do you think you will get to school on move-in day? What sort of music do you like?

4. Learn your class schedule.

You will have some incredible professors who will give you some fantastic educational experiences. But before you can soak in all of that knowledge, you have to make it to class! Check over your class breakdown and start getting a feel for what will soon be your new routine.

5. Make a new playlist for your room.

As briefly mentioned above, music is a great conversation starter. But that isn’t the only benefit to playing music in your room. Your own music can really make a new place start to feel like home. Heads will pop into your room asking about what you are playing and you can start to develop community in your hall. Caution: if all you ever play is heavy metal, go easy at first. Perhaps that is a conversation for later in the semester…

6. Pray daily.

This is a big transition in your life and the life of your family. If this time of your life is marked with prayer, it will begin your time at school on the right footing. Be specific. Be bold. Be consistent.

7. Have some fun!

You still have some summer ahead of you, so don’t stress too much about the coming school year. Spend time with friends, go to some movies, and have fun with your family. The summer will be over before you know it, so make the most of it!


Caleb McCracken '16

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