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August 13, 2019

Five Things to Do before Leaving for College

Need help wrapping things up at home before heading out to college? Well, this blog post is made for you. With only a little bit of time till the beginning of the semester there is so much to think about and do. So here is a list of things to do before you arrive on campus (2019 edition).

1) Clean up Your Room

Clean my room?!!! Why would I want or need to do that?!! Yes, cleaning your room is a good idea before you leave home. If and when you go back home to visit it is nice to have a clean room to welcome you. Why worry about doing homework, catching up with family and cleaning your room all at the same time? Just get it over with. Another reason it is a good idea to make that room spick and span before you leave is because you never know who will be in there while you are gone. Whether accessible to visitors, siblings or parents, with a clean room, no mess no problems.

2) Make Sure You have Your Books

When beginning classes books are a huge conversational topic. I’d be lying if I didn’t hear more often than not, “Books? No, I didn’t get mine yet.” Sometimes that answer rings true even while heading into the first few weeks of the semester. The problem with this is the fact that books are required for classes and in order to succeed the book is needed. So, don’t be that person who holds off on buying those books, order them, receive them, and use them right off the bat.

3) Shop for Some Easy Snacks

It may seem like a weird idea to act like some kind of rodent and store up food for harsher times, but it is true. Before stepping foot on campus, it is important that you grab some kind of easy snacks to help you through those rough days when going to the dining hall is not an option.

4) Get Together with Friends

With the beginning of college there is also the beginning of new friendships. But many of us already have some friends who have been there all throughout high school. I encourage you to get together with all those friends before leaving home. I know life is getting more and more busy with college information and packing, but you never know when you’ll get to spend time with them again so embrace the moment.

5) Say Goodbye to the Fam

I know that this may be obvious but saying a proper goodbye to your family is important. You will likely change during your time at college, and you might feel a little more grown up the next time you are home. Think of your parents, siblings, grandparents or uncles and aunts – they all want to see you one last time before you head out. So, don’t miss this moment of “farewell” with the people you love. Instead put those arms out, say goodbye and gives hugs and kisses all around. It's the least you can do for those who have supported you all these years.

Although there may be other things that are necessary to do before hoping on campus, here is a good start for you. Enjoy the last bit of summer but look forward to the beginning of a new semester at college!

- Abigail Forton ‘22


Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash