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January 7, 2019

Hottest Majors in 2019

“What will you major in?” The quintessential question burdening every high school graduate or near graduate in the college search process. It can be an easy one to answer for those who have heard a clear call early in life, or it can be a vexing conversational issue every time the topic of college comes up for those who don’t even know what some of the majors are, let alone need to choose one to study for what could be 50 years of work.

And it doesn’t stop after going to college; it just changes tense, “What’s your major?” It is such a common question that perhaps only “What’s your name?” starts more first-meeting conversations for college students than the question about the major.

So, what’s the big deal about a major? And how do you get one?

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it, choosing a major IS a big decision. But it is not the end-all, be-all of existence either. Job changes and career changes happen all the time, sometimes by choice and sometimes involuntarily. You want to become an expert in your chosen field, or at least competent, but there is so much more to life than just your major. Never forget that.

College is a chance not only to prepare for the first job and perhaps a long career in one field. It is truly an opportunity to grow into the person you want to be and the person God calls you to be. Your job, your career will be a significant but limited part of your life. Take advantage of the offerings of colleges like Geneva College with over 115 majors and programs to explore. Take a few classes here and there in subjects that just pique your interest along with required and elective courses in your major. You may discover a passion you never knew you had… and that can make all the difference in the world to the way you live your life going forward.

A liberal arts college like Geneva exposes you to a full range of possibilities. The core curriculum is designed to prepare you for the world of the future, an uncertain future. The need for people who can not only do their jobs but who can also think deeply about problems their employer faces or issues in the church or how to help those who need it most is ever in short supply. Leaders aren’t just good at their jobs, they understand people and how to motivate them. They understand history and philosophy, psychology and communication. This is the stuff of wisdom and it build strong marriages, families, communities, churches and companies.

At the same time, a liberal arts college needs to prepare student vocationally with talented faculty who care deeply about their discipline and the students who will be caretakers of it in the years to come. This is something Geneva College excels in: taking a vocational focus in the context of a liberal arts education. At Geneva, it’s not just about the job and it’s not just about the humanities; it’s about both, and many students end up double majoring in a vocationally oriented field and a softer discipline. But even students who major in STEM or other sciences get an educated rooted in God’s word and understand the world’s big ideas and how to apply them to life.  

As you work through the choice of a major, you’ll want to consider who you will be learning from as much as what you will be learning. Faculty makes a difference, so get to know them. Colleges are making it easier to find out more from faculty members.

Get some advice from industry professionals. They will give you the inside knowledge to help you.

As you continue to research majors, focus both on the earning potential of working in the field and the costs of working in the field… some costs can be measured by money, but some of the highest costs are measured in time and relationship and stress. Keep these in mind as you take a look at some hot majors in 2019 according to various published reports and surveys.

The National Center for Education Statistics released statistics on growth of majors for the 10 years between 2006 and 2016.

Here are majors that increased degrees granted by more than 50% during that 10-year span.

Source: Forbes

Note that this measure is in how many degrees were awarded… it could also indicate that there will be a glut of qualified people to compete with for work in the years ahead. Finding a degree that might be less popular could potentially increase opportunities.

Think of Education, which has seen a large decrease in graduates is leading to a teacher shortage in the U.S. While teaching jobs have been difficult to get, the opportunities may finally be growing and with a smaller pool of competing graduates to deal with, a student might consider an education major.

If you are looking for a good salary, Information Science is poised to deliver. The PennyHoarder reports, based on analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, that Information Science and Management Information System & Statistics are the top fields for earnings with very low unemployment rates. The choice of Computer Science major or Computer Information Systems major would seem to be solid choices.

Electrical Engineering makes the Penny Hoarder list as does Political Science and Advertising / Public Relations. In the top 10 for best college majors for younger workers based on median pay include:

All of these majors lead to jobs making at least $47,000 annual median pay.

U.S. News and World Report lists the following as the majors among those with the best prospects in 2019.

It’s no wonder then that the “What are you majoring in?” question is a hard one. But with a mindset of preparing for your second job and the rest of your whole life and not just on getting that first job, you will weigh the benefits and costs like the fully mature adult you are becoming. And sooner than you know it,  you will have a great answer to the question. Won’t that feel good?

To learn more about over 115 majors and programs at Geneva College that prepare you to serve faithfully in your life’s work, visit our majors and programs page or contact Admissions at 800-847-8255 |