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College Preparation
June 17, 2016

It’s Summer! Prepare Now for Your Freshman Year of College

High school graduation has come and gone, and now, you're looking forward to one last hurrah with your best buds before you all head for your respective postsecondary institutions. Between all the beach days and bonfires, you'll want to set aside some time for a part-time job, plus college shopping, communicating with your future roomie, and soul searching as you prepare to pursue your calling. Make the most of this final summer before college, and put the following to-do's on your checklist.

Find a part-time job -- and save up

If you haven't already had a part-time job, now is the time to get your resume started, for it will be a lot harder to find time to work once your schedule is booked with classes, studying and extracurricular activities. If possible, look for a position related to your field of interest. For example, if you hope to become a teacher one day, spend your summer teaching swim lessons. Eager to pursue an entrepreneurial career? Now is the time to get hustling with your own venture. Internship positions are also worth considering; an early internship can give you an edge over other students as you compete for positions later on.

Get reading

If there's a novel you've been aching to try, now is the time to get your nose in a book. Once college starts, your reading time will be devoted to textbooks. Make time for your Bible and consider adding a Christian college readiness book or devotional to your reading list. The right book will help you address concerns about campus life from a faith-based perspective. Great options include Alex Chediak's Thriving at College and Kelsey Phillips' College Bound on Solid Ground , which is a good choice for women. Look for both at Christian bookstores or online. Both are also available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble if you have accounts or graduation gift cards there.

Reach out to your roommate

Thanks to social media, it's easier than ever to get in touch with future roommates. Exchange contact information and coordinate plans for bringing major items to your dormitory. It's also helpful to gain a basic understanding of your roommate's habits and personal preferences.
If your roommate lives nearby, consider meeting up at some point. You can go shopping together for dorm essentials or simply get together for lunch. Once you arrive at college, you will be relieved to see a familiar face.

Cherish your time with loved ones

If you've previously said no to dorky movie nights with your parents or beach outings with your siblings, you may want to rethink your priorities. Once you arrive at college, you'll be amazed by how much you miss even your family members' most annoying habits. Cherish the time you do have with your family, because once your first semester begins, your busy schedule will make it tough to chat on the phone with your parents -- and you might not return home again until Thanksgiving.

Attend welcome week

Still nervous about the start of your college career? Make plans to also get involved with Welcome Week, when you can get better acquainted with Geneva's faculty and your fellow freshman. Welcome Week will give you a better feel for the college experience and make the transition a little less stressful.
The transition from high school to college can be tough, but at Geneva, we're eager to help. To learn more about our academic programs, career services, and residence life, contact us at 855-979-5563 or